Ear protection headphones with good audio?

they’re a thing now…hearing protection for workers that also stream music over Bluetooth. I just suspect that the actual audio quality is quite abysmal…but mebe someone here knows if a company sells a product for this niche with a focus on decent sound reproduction

I’ve heard these and they were decent

You could always try to find an Etymotic IEM and hook it up to a bluetooth receiver. Probably more expensive though.

Lol that would be sweet but I don’t think those would count as hearing protection at a company or something

Yeah I guess not lol.

that would probably work for mowing a lawn…but definitely not enough for using at the shooting range.

which one’s did you try?

I have tried the Liberate 2 and they were pretty nice if your employer requires you to have some noise isolation that’s actually ansi compliant

I’m waiting on Peltor to send me some samples of the new IEM style ear-pro they have available, if ever i get back to the office so i can go an pick ip the pallets of gear i have sitting on the loading dock I’ll try and remember to post in this thread, looks like it’s gonna be a while tho…

I will never forget that time I forgot to put my ear protection back on. I’ve read that soldiers dont hear the same for days after combat, even with hearing protection.

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Use normal ear muffs and put bluetooth in ears in?