Early Birthday Present Enog 2

So I got home today to find an early B-day present. Geshelli Enog 2… So I’ll be reviewing it too!

Initial thoughts, really transparent. It gets out of the way. It is more refined and resolving compared to Modi 3. The difference isn’t always so obvious on all songs but on others its really obvious.

Example: Amber Rubarth - Novocaine

Around 16 seconds there is an acoustic guitar being played that feels like it’s behind you at a distance. Listening to Enog 2 the notes are obvious and dynamic. The Modi 3 is flat, like really flat, it has almost no dynamic range. It almost feels like its almost a single sound on the modi 3 and you know exactly what every note is on the Enog 2…

This is using the Archel 2 Pro (stack) and He4xx. I’m about to test it on the SP200…


Yeah, I really think the modi 3 needs to be updated tbh, it just doesn’t preform as well as stuff like the d10 or m100, or of course the higher end. Do you like the stack with the archel? Honestly that’s as clean as it needs to get lol

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Yeah, It’s a nice stack for sure. I’m listening to it with the SP200 now. I played the same part of the song and I was like this sounds flat too. Maybe its the amp… Then I realized I still the modi 3 connected…lol :joy:

When you hear the difference you notice it.

Yeah, a good dac can make a pretty decent difference in a revealing setup, the enog is a great value for the sound you get imo. It’s up there with the smsl su8 for me

Yeah, its crazy, Like the Modi 3 sounds good to me still in a lot of songs, The difference is minimal, but in some instances the Enog 2 just leaves it in the dust when the dynamic and resolution are there.

Also I know this might sound weird, but the Enog 2 sounds like the sound is just playing. The clamp from the headphones is the only reason I know I’m listening on headphones.

I don’t know if that makes sense to you…lol

Yah it does lol. The modi 3 has the schiit house sound and a bit of that schiit dynamic compression, that can leave music sounding artificial imo. It really depends on the source material to show that for some tracks as you mention

That would explain the differences. I’ll be moving the Modi 3 to another PC in the office with the Magni 3. I have to send the Archel 2 back but I’m going to purchase a 2.5. I hope it sounds as clean as the 2.

Mon, what do you recommend for a decent tube amp that doesn’t cost a million dollars. I don’t have a tub in the collection.

For headphones? I think the darkvoice 336se is a great place to start for sure. Other stand out options in mind are the bottlehead crack amps, or for a bit more the massdrop eddie current if you can find one are pretty sweet imo. Really good tube amps at pretty good prices

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Also I think you need to spend a fair bit more on a sigma delta dac to really upgrade from the enog 2, it’s a pretty sweet dac

Thanks, I looked at the darkvoice a while ago, and I keep hearing about the Bottle heads. I think I’ll be picking up one of those sooner before later. I need (want) a few more headphones first. Thinking about the Dekoni Blues

I’d skip the Dekoni blues.
They have their merits, but it an overall sound signature that I personally can’t listen to.
To me they sound like a pair of speakers with a poorly tuned crossover, there is some sort of odd frequency response between the bass and the midrange.
They have good bass, their very fast, but I think the general consensus is that the T60 is the best of the T50 mods.

Well, what about stuff like the zmf ori or blackwood?

I’d consider those more than a mod.

Then is the argon a mod then? I mean it’s pretty different

Listening to the beginning of Juice WRLD - Legends JEEZ what have I been doing to myself.

I’ve been living wrong… smh

Fair point.
The price difference probably rules the ZMF’s out, the Argon’s are more reasonably priced.

T60RP Argons, slapping the myth fostex does it best.

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