Earphone tip suggestions

I plan on buying a few different types of tips to see what works for me since I collect IEMs. My question to you is what tips would you recommend? I know about Dekoni but are there any others I should know about? I’m looking for some premium tips if there are such a thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Dekoni foams are nice, symbio w tips are also a silicone foam hybrid which work well, ikko planet i foams are good if you need a shorter foam, jvc spiral dots can sound pretty good on some iems, spinfit tips can be helpful for getting a good fit sometimes, and triple flange eartips can be helpful for isolation

There are more tips, but some tips sound great on certain iems and bad on others, so it’s more trial and error. Some cheaper tips also do well too

Edit: I guess if you are looking for a premium tip lol, you could get custom molded eartips, so that’s something to look into

take a look at comply foam.

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I ordered some Dekoni tips since there on sale on massdrop but i’ll be looking into comply next paycheck. I’ll look into those other ones at a later date, thank you once again my friend!

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Spinfits CP145 and JVC spiral dots++

Spinfit 240 are decent, depending on what style you’re after. Mee also do a few tips worth looking into.

I like the comply memory foam. Amazon sells a multipack. Active/comfort tips in one pack