EarStudio ES100 or FiiO Q1 Mk2?

Has anyone had either of (or both of) these DAC/Amps and can compare them? What are they like?

Have both and others like ifi xDSD and Fiio BTR3

I prefer the ES 100 for flexibilty and like the app

How do you want to use it? at the desk, on the go wired or with bluetooth connection?
With which IEMs or headphones do you plan to use the device? are all easy to drive?
Do you use balanced cables with you iems and headphones?
Does your mobile phone support LDAC(Android 9)?

Thank you for the reply! I am looking to use it on the go for the most part, with some IEM’s (either KZ ZSN/KS10 or T2/T3, haven’t bought them yet so haven’t decided) and Sennheiser 58X Jubilee’s, depending on the situation. I understand the ES100 is a little easier to use since it is a lot more compact and Bluetooth. However, I might be looking to use them at home on my laptop as well. Pretty much a starter AMP/DAC one to use all around.

My calculus teacher upgraded his amp/dac at school, so he let me take his Schitt Fulla 2 to borrow, and that’s what I’m gonna be using at home for the most part, and I am quite content with how it sounds, it’s pretty darn great. I will have to return it at some point, so I would want to be able to use it at home until I get a dedicated amp/dac for home. I know you can use both plugged in via usb tho.

How would you compare the sound/quality of the 2 for both scenarios (and maybe compared to the Fulla, if that is applicable)? I am not really asking to say which is better because I know they are different. I am new to audio, so I do not know the terms for what I am asking just yet, but please be as descriptive as you wish :slight_smile:

that was long but I hope it helps you understand what I am looking for :slight_smile:

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Oh, also, I am using an IPhone XR. It should be compatible with LDAC, but I personally do not know as I haven’t tried it or looked into it. Almost forgot!

iPhones BT Codec support is max AAC, so you won´t be able to get the full advantages of the ES 100

if you can deal with wired connection, I would go for the Q1 II plus balanced cables for the 58x(not very important- use my 58x most of the time balanced, but it´s no most have) and the IEM(balanced is quite a difference with IEMs) of choice.

if you prefer the wireless solution go for the ES 100 - it will drive the 58x and IEMs just fine.
The Dongle can also be used wired as DAC/Amp with PC and it´s ok - not the cleanest, fastest wired solution but really ok

You can get a dedicated DAC+Amp Setup for your desk later.
Maybe you save up for a used ifi mini iDSD BL (used under 200 with mqa support + transportable + no Bluetooth, ieMatch teach, more power than Q1 II and a more transparent sound)
Topping D30 + JDS Labs Atom (both units are available under 100) - this combination could be enough for a very long time, though single ended

Battery life is stronger/longer on the Q1 II (got mine used for 50 Euros on ebay and kept is as back up for my ifi xDSD)
the Q1 II is a bit warmer sounding, which could help with bright IEMs like T3s(own them)

the Shit Fulla 2 is ok, for the money - did not listen to it myself.

I would try to start with seperate units for DAC/Amp - so you can easier update later

Do you know where I can get balanced cables for the 58X? I have only seen ones for IEM’s so far.

On Amazon at least you can get stuff like this

They are typically more expensive then iem cables, but TBH I think iems benefit more from balanced when you compare it to the 58x because it doesn’t need much power and noise floor isn’t an issue

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MON says it- from prioritys… iems first
In which country do you live?
There are different possibiltys to get cables in US vs Europe and so on …

I live in the United States.

So you can can order at (Mass-) Drop cheap balanced IEMs for 20 $ - no problem
on Amazon are plenty of cheap reliable options as on ebay or even Aliexpress if you can wait a few weeks for delivery from China.
Fiio also has some balanced 2.5mm TRRS MMCX cables with good quality under 35