Eddie Current closing shop

Eddie current selling off and shutting down. I think they are selling off everything. Check it out, you serious DIY guys.


Rip, great amps for sure. I wonder if he will come back under a new name (like he did with moth audio lol)

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aww I wanted one

Act now then lol

Well then, this bums me out, wanted to buy a Studio in the future (real late future, once I graduated and got a masters/job to afford one), thought that it would be cool to compare what I’m doing now with my amp to a Studio when I get older and look back, maybe improve my amp in the future and build something even more powerful/refined.

I mean I’ve seen a Studio internally, but never heard one before, like idk, it’s like someone who likes fast cars seeing how a Ferrari is built but never driving one I guess? Like you can guess from what you’re seeing, but you might never know for sure.

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