Edifier bookshelves comparison

I am looking at getting some some new speakers for my grandparents who have the tiniest cheapest soundbar I have ever seen, but they say that they have trouble with voices sometimes and bass during movies is non existent. Although I don’t think they can fit a subwoofer (so no s350-db) in AUD these are the main options: R2000DB($239), R1280DBs($200), R1850DB($182), there tv is pretty low quality so I didn’t think going with the 1700 with only RCA inputs would be the best idea, and using optical would be the best choice.

What are the major differences and are any better at clear voices while watching tv then others? I use amazon.com.au if that helps looking for others. They are in a small apartment (don’t have dimensions and an L shaped couch with the right side of the couch almost pushing up to the tv cabinet if that gives any idea.