Edifier R1280T or Edifier R1700BT?

Here where I live it we have a very little variety of STUFFS to buy.

During my research for a new desktop speaker I came across what seems to me to be the best options so far, the RT1280 or the RT1700. Does anyone have them? What do you think? Is there a better option for this price range? Thanks bb

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There’s a sound comparison on YouTube. This decison should be a no-brainer once you hear that.

yeah I saw that but it is pretty meaningless to me since my current set of speakers are absolute garbage. I can’t tell the difference with my current equipment.

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abm0, So which one sounded Better to you.? I can’t tell on my phone but I’m assuming the 1700

  • I’ll have to watch/listen on my desktop later…

From the comments on this video:

One of the most asked questions on this channel is “which one should I pick, R1280T or R1700BT?”. My previous comparison of these two is one of the most frequently viwed overall, so I hope this one should bring new perspective to this question, thanks to different setup and new music. So… Which one is actually better?
Build quality and features is where R1700BT gains significant advantage over R1280T, covering the price difference between them. R1700BT fells more premium than R1280T and looks sleeker on the desk. Bluetooth connectivity is another big plus for R1700BT.
Soundwise, R1700BT again feels more like a premium product, offering less box colourations, more dynamic slam and more natural tone. R1280T, all though prefectly capable in its price range, falls short in midrange clarity and focus compared to more expensive brother. Bass on both reaches similar depths, but R1700BT has more control and less upper range boom.
To sum this up, if You wonder which one of these to choose, go for R1700BT as the extra price is totally justified and than some.
What do you think? Would You choose R1700BT over R1280T? let me know below! Cheers!


Maybe try it on some headphones then?

The 1700 sounds clearly better to me there, but if you’re going to go off others’ opinions, just read that whole comment section and see if there’s a clear majority in favor of one or the other.

Yeah, or pay attention to those reviews that can actually explain how or why one of them sounds better - more likely the author actually knows what to listen for. :slight_smile:

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yes, that’s why I wanted an opinion of someone that has actually listened to both of them and have some knowledge of speakers (not that I have, but I think I can tell when someone doesn’t). if I were to go by the reviewers opinion I would end up buying some cheap 2.1 system because ooh bass nooiseees

Edit: I tried with the cheap headphones I have and for my ears the 1700 does sound a bit like, ‘wider’, but I don’t know if that means anything

Although I chose 1600 III, since it can go deeper than the 1700 model and I don’t need the bluetooth feature, I think that you’ll enjoy any of these both. If your budget is very limited, you’ll definitely love 1200 too, else go for the little extra sound quality of 1700, paying a little extra. Edifier’s products really rock, but lack significantly of after sale support. What I mean is, that if the cable , for example, which connects the 2 speakers will get damaged, then the excellent speakers become simply useless… But that’s life!