Edifier R1800T3 vs Edifier R1700BT Differences?

I’m looking to finally upgrade my Logitech Z200 speakers and looking at both of these options from Edifier. The 1700BT is £130 from Amazon while the R1800T3 is only £120. I understand that by naming scheme, the 1800 is the “higher” range model but I’d like to know more specific differences between each. Will be used solely for my desktop, Bluetooth capability doesn’t really matter for me.

Thanks guys.

Hi and Welcome to HFGF!

They don’t offer the the R1800T3 in the US market (where I am) but I took a look at Amazon UK and the Edifier International site, and technically these two speakers are the same but with the R1700BT having Bluetooth while the R1800T3 does not. The other obvious difference I saw was that the listed RMS for the R1700BT is 66w while the R1800T3 is 70w, and of coarse the cabinet finishes. So, honestly, I think it comes down to what color choices you prefer and if you want bluetooth, or not. Either set should sound pretty much the same otherwise, and be a huge upgrade from what you have now.

I actually own a set of the R1700BT and they work nice on a desktop setup.

Good luck and have fun with the music!

Awesome, thanks! I plan on putting the speakers on a small wooden shelf, each speaker probably a meter diagonally from each ear to the wall. Is it worth putting the speaker on top of foam padding on the shelves or will it negatively impact sound? Basically shelf, then a foam block and then the speaker on top.

I use speaker pads personally. It can’t hurt but, it is not a requirement. Just remember that these speakers already have a bit of an angle to them so if you were sitting at a desk they would be more directed up toward your ears. Depending on how high your shelf is in relation to where you ears will be you may want to position the speakers to point down/or up, more toward your ears. Many of the foam speaker pad kits come with wedges that may help with adjusting the angle of the speaker.