Edifier S2000 mk iii passive speaker problem

It’s only been two months since I got these speakers and there appears to be a slight problem with the passive speaker (or however it’s called). I am talking about about the speaker without the amp.
When I play some bass heavy songs, there’s a weird sound coming from it. It is only affecting this speaker, the main one works just fine. It kind of sounds like there is something loose in the speaker and the air is just knocking that thing around, but I don’t that is the case because I took the speaker into my hands and shook it, but there was absolutely no clanking sound, it seemed just fine.
I still have warranty for it, I just don’t know if I need to send them in service.
Any advice would be very helpful, thanks!

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Okay, so I had this exact issue too, but mine happen like 10min after first listing to them, something happened to the slave speaker and it sounded like a wire vibrating from behind the driver…

I was going to pull the driver and look behind it but I just returned them and got the s3000 pro instead. I have the OG s2000 pros in my room attached to the tv and they have been flawless.

They are great about the return if you contact them directly they will probably send you a fresh slave and just ask that you return the broken one. Keep us posted!

Probably contacting them or warranty replacement is wise option.

If you are curious and very very careful.
I would ever so gently the bass/midrange driver out and take a peek, if it would actual be the just wire. That’s in the realm of easy fix. Depending how the cables go and how much extra there is, just by turning the driver left or right might help so it won’t hit anything.

I don’t think taking the speakers apart by myself is not the best idea. Especially considering that I might lose my warranty

Just email them and let them know, you can send them a video of it happening and they will send you a new one. They CS is really good.

Quick update: I just received news that they are unable to repair the speakers, so they’re giving me a refund.
The lady I talked to on the phone said that on their website it still says that there is a pair of speakers left (I am talking about the ones I previously owned) but there is a chance that the site hasn’t refreshed so in reality there isn’t any in stock.
Should I try and buy them again or do you have some other alternatives? FYI, I payed around 370 euros for them.