Edifier S2000 MkIII

Hey all, I could not find this model here, so I thought I start one, I bought these last week for € 449,- at amazon.de (Germany) and are on top of my DIY floor standing speakers. After listening to it for a few hours I decided to keep them and selling my NAD amp and my 2.5 DIY speakers which costed me in materials alone around € 900. my old setup just can’t keep up and I used a couple of good dac’s to get them sound better.

So back to the edifiers, the bass is some techno is sometimes just scary, yes I know the strange way to say it like this but it feels like the dark force from hell the first time you hear it, now I just love it.
For now, I wonder what the best way is to drive these speakers, how is the signal processed in the MKIII when using Optical, coax etc.
A good dac with bt 5 perhaps, or straight from your pc with bt 5 to these speakers, or use optical, I still trying to figure out, what happens inside the S2000mkIII.
And I prefer these over the 3000 because these use a wired cable between the speakers, edfier, however, should give 2 cables 1 short and 1 long cable.
Looking forward to experimenting with these wonders of DSP active speakers.

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