Edifier S2000mk3 not sounding similar

Hi there.

Decided to open this topic because I have bought Edifier s2000 mk3 speakers. I love them but going to send them back. The left speaker sounds very different, the right speaker has way more warmth and bass.

Together you dont notice it to much but its there.
I thought about surroundings.
So put them on the ground side by side and it was still there.

With stereo test also very clearly.
Right side very deep bass. Left less.
Does anyone else noticed the same or is it a bad batch.

Thinking about to buy another set or upgrade to another brand.


could be an issue with one…but did you double check all your wiring and connections to make sure they’re sound? or swap places to see if it’s the amp?

If you’re running line-in, swap the sides. Try a new cable.

If you’re doing digital input, try a new cable.

Might just be bad. It happens, and as good as Chifi is, the quality control for chinese products is quite low.

I played over bluetooth. Its the most I use.
Switched sides then is was less… but then left is right and because they are active I cant change that?

To bad because in general they sound amazing. Just its anoying to hear on aide more clear.