Edifier standoff! S2000Pro vs S350DB AKA which speaker should I get for my living room?

TL;DR (yes, in the beginning, sue me): Please tell me which one of the speakers mentioned (Edifier S2000Pro or S350DB) you think is better for a living room setup. I like punchy bass so I’d be logical to go with the S350DBs but I wanna make sure they’re not terrible with mids/highs. I’ve heard (even from Zeos’s review) that theS2000Pros are just amazing and basically unbeatable at that price point, is that true? Please state your opinion below.

If you wanna know exactly why I picked these two specific speakers and why I don’t just go with a passive speaker + amp setup please keep reading.

So basically I’ve been meaning to get some living room speakers that would kill any soundbar under the sun.

Where I live (Brazil, if anyone’s wondering) Edifier is one of the only reputable audio companies that have a good fair price and aren’t extremely overpriced. I know Zeos made positive reviews on both the S2000Pros and the S350DBs, now I’ve been thinking which one would be better for a living room setup? Forget about the price difference since where I live they’re literally the same price even though in the US the S2000Pros are 100 dollars more expensive, it’s all about which one has the better sound quality.

I’ve checked the frequency response and the S350DBs do go all the way down to 40hz (8 Hz lower than the S2000Pros), but I wonder if that even matters if the mids and highs are worse, since I haven’t actually heard any of them it’s hard to tell. Yes I do care about bass response since I’ll mostly be watching movies in these and having a sub to go along with that does sound really nice. Zeos did say that the S2000Pros have really good low end so I wonder if a sub is even necessary at that point.

I created another topic a few days ago where I was considering going with the Klipsch R-15PMs, are those a good option too? I know they are lacking in bass when compared to the other two (that can be fixed if I decide to add a sub later).

Like I said it’s all about sound quality and where I live I don’t have access to most audio brands, so if you’re gonna recommend me the Micca RB42s or Fluance or Vanatoo or Monoprice or literally any small audio company forget it it’ll be either double (or triple) the price it usually is or more likely it won’t even be available to purchase locally and I’d have to import them (which would, again, double the price so that’s pointless).

It’s also important that they’re powered speakers since I don’t have an amp or receiver in my living room (no audio setup at all) and buying good amps here is impossible too (the only good, and cheap, ones that have what I need (optical imput, sub out and Bluetooth) and also work on a living room setup, like the SMSL AD18 and the Sabaj A4, are sold only on AliExpress and that takes months to arrive, no thank you. Receivers are also extremely expensive and I don’t plan on expanding my living room setup to a 5.1 in the future (I literally don’t have the space lol) so buying a receiver would be a waste of money and space, those things can be big), so self powered speakers it is.

If you’re gonna recommend me something that I didn’t mention here keep in mind a few things before you do:

-They need to be self powered speakers (the whole ‘buying an amp’ situation is tricky as stated before)

-Optical input is crucial (gonna hook them up directly to my TV)

-Most niche audio brands are out (big ones that have an international presence like JBL, Edifier, Yamaha, Pioneer or Klipsch are fine tho)

-Subwoofer output is really desired (the R-15PM has one, the S350DB literally comes with a sub and the S2000Pros I can forgive since they can go down to 48hz, any higher and a sub out is crucial since I’ll want to add one later in the future if the bass is lacking, this is a living room/home theater setup after all)

-Budget is low, if you’re in the US try looking for something in the 200 to 400 dollar range, maybe 500 if I’m feeling feisty

My current options, in order of more to less appealing, are (I’ll edit this if someone suggests something great):

-Edifier S350DB (if the sound quality is good)

-Edifier S2000Pro

-Klipsch R-15PM (but I’ll need to add a sub later)

-Possibly the Yamaha HS5s or Mackie MR624s though I doubt studio monitors would make for a good living room setup, would it even sound good? Also the lack of both an optical input and sub out is a deal breaker (how the fuck would I connect these to my TV?)

I keep thinking “what would Zeos do” in situations like this, he’d probably go crazy and buy a pair or Klipsch RP-600Ms and fucking blast them to oblivion and kill my neighbors (though where would you get an amp? AliExpress? Would he have the patience to wait possibly 6 months for it to arrive?(especially now with coronavirus fucking the whole global economy and trade/shipping/importing situation it would probably take even longer than that) See the problem I have here?)

Keep in mind I’m kind of new to this therefore I don’t know all the companies and products so feel free to recommend me some I don’t already know (as long as you follow the guidelines I’ve set)

Also I’m adamant in not getting a soundbar, I want big, beautiful speakers in my living room (we don’t care for WAF in this household). Not that I’d think anyone here would have the audacity to recommend me a soundbar, but who the fuck even knows anymore

Thank you very much for reading this far, I can’t wait to read all the answers!! You sir (or ma’am) have a great day! ;D

Dated topic but if you’re still needing help, I use the S350DB in my living room and I enjoy them very much. I also own the Airpulse A100’s (which are twice as much as the S2000Pros) and when I go back to listen the S350DB’s, I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Hope this helps.

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Hey there, I advice you to look at the Edifier s2000MIII it has the DSP funtions of the s3000 and I bought it last week for 450 euro, you have to do some effort to find it because they want to sell the s2000 first. Bluetooth 5 is now a must so whatever you buy it must have BT 5 also these have a thick wire between the speakers, which i like more than on the s3000 which wireless (but still need a wire power) goodluck

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Olá amigo, I’m Brazilian myself! I have the Edifier’s s2000pro and I use them as nearfield monitors and I LOVE them!! The tweeter on them is awesome! natural mids and overall nice balanced sound!
I recomend them, but as you’ve noticed yourself already, they don’t produce a lot of bass frequencies, it’s a small driver (5.25")…and they don’t have a subwoofer output. I think that, if you’re gonna put them on a large room this may be a problem. They are not bass kings, they do bass “right”. You can use them with external dacs, and I think you can put a subwoofer on in a dedicated dac, not shure about that. Edifier now have a higher end model, the S3000pro, with 6,5" woofers, a lot bigger, and I’m shure they can do a lot of bass! Check the prices on them.

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What is up with these three replies in a single day lol

I unburied the topic and people saw it lol


Um brasileiro que assiste o Zeos? WHAT is this?

Depois de mt pesquisa acabou que mudei de ideia, eu acabei ficando entre o Klipsch R-15PM e o Edifier S2000Pro, só que na loja da Edifier (e no resto da Internet) tava esgotado, aí eu decidi comprar o R-15M

Só que o anuncio do MercadoLivre que eu tinha visto foi pausado por causa da pandemia, então não tinha nenhum lugar que tava com o R-15PM em um preço bom.

Aí eu mesmo que desisti de caixas amplificadas e comprei a Klipsch RP-500M ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sem falar na minha dificuldade de entontrar um fucking amplificador que vendia aqui no Brasil que não fosse muito caro (amplificador 2 canais era tudo receiver), tentei achar um amp da SMSL ou Sabaj que fosse barato mas desse pra amplificar direito. Depois de bater mt a cabeça acabei comprando o Frahm RD80.2, que só consegui achar pra comprar pq a empresa em si e brasileira (não sei se você já ouviu falar deles).

No final deu tudo certo, como as caixas da Klipsch são uma beleza da eficiência os 80W do Frahm é o suficiente pra amplicilar as caixas num volume decente. A única coisa é o noise floor (não sei se tem tradução huehue), quando não tá tocando nada é tiver silêncio dá pra ouvir o chiado do amp.

Em uma review recente o Zeos falou que tava mandando algo pra um brasileiro que ele vendo na yard sale (e falou como importar coisa pra cá é um cu), era você? Ou era outra pessoa?

Emfim, no futuro tava pensando em comprar um sub, eu adoraria sugestões

Valeu pela resposta (^o^)

Yeah thank you for that

ALSO I ended up going with the Klipsch RP-500Ms , after about a month of pulling my hair out lol
(wanted to go 600 but they were too é expensive for me)

I finally fucking managed to find a decent amp I could buy for a not ridiculous price, yay!! Which allowed me to buy passive speakers

Now y’all can dudge me for my decision :smile:

I’ve legit seen people on Reddit say that klipsch are like the worst thing since Hitler or whatever, oh well, I liked the speakers at least ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also yeah I’ll be buying a sub later, any suggestions would be appreciated!