Eikon or Atticus

Dilemma: looking for closed backs, ZMF’s are where I’m at . . . love my Aeolus’s to much not to.

From what I’ve read most prefer the Eikon, better bass extension, but it’s also more neutral sound too, and I prefer some warmth, which is where I think the Atticus comes in, though with it sharing the same driver as the Aeolus, is it going to be to similar to the Aeolus?

I’m looking for something to compliment, not directly compete with each other, so Eikon? Or am I overthinking it and the warmer sound of the Atticus will be unique enough as a closed back version of the Aeolus?

Since you already have the aeolus, I think the eikon would be a bit different but still pretty enjoyable, it’s also slightly warmer as well imo. I think the atticus might be too similar to the aeolus in this case

How would you describe the Aeolus. What music do really enjoy on them? Do you use the universe pads?

that’s my main concern i think

Universe yes, in comparison to LCD2c’s those mids, lush rich detail, sound stage is there, but far from wide, and the intimate vocals and how placement feels. Where the LCD’s puts ya center stage, feel like I’m on stage with the music wrapping around me. Sorry if that’s a poor description, for lack of the terminology, it’s the best I got :slight_smile:

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Thanks man, im just getting good viewpoints on zmf to help me choose

I would think the Atticus. would sound similar to the Aeolus just a closed version so more bass probably. I thought the Aeolus has a U shaped frequency response with elevated treble and bass response. for a more exciting sound. But the Eikon driver is more detailed. And has a more relaxed neutral sound

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Yah I think I’m getting more validation in my own thoughts. Verite’s if I had the $$, maybe sell a kid or two ha

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Perhaps zach might be kind enough to offer a kid trade in program


Did you ever end up deciding between these two? Curious about this decision myself