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  • Type: Bookshelf
  • Powered: No

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Z Reviews…

Seems like a good deal from a quality to price perspective.

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These are really really good for the price, they sounded really nice when I heard them

They’re also front ported so you have greater range to place them in small rooms

Thinking about getting these now amd giving them to my dad when I upgrade

That would be a very solid choice imo

Cool. Side question do you feel these would work well on a tube amp or should I stick to solid state?

I think you could do either way. I haven’t heard them on a tube but I don’t think something jumps out that would signal to me that it would be a bad pairing with tubes

Triangle Borea BR03 is as good or better?

Pretty good mandatory update plan. :wink:
Always good to have a plan ready if someone would ask.

Pretty excited for these speakers as I won that Just Audio giveaway metioned in the video for them (chose black/walnut). Looking forward to hearing them and finally having some high quality speakers!


Nice :+1: :+1: :+1:, curious to see what you think

So am I as I’ve always stuck to headphones (currently have beyerdynamic dt 990s), but I’m somewhat leaning towards speakers now because they are just more fun and exciting to me. Big step up from these old $50 PC speakers I’m using atm. :sweat_smile:

Going to be getting an Emotiva A-100 and Modi 3 DAC to power everything.

Big big steps lol. If you haven’t bought the dac yet, I would reccoend considering an alternative to the modi like the topping d10 or smsl m100, as the modi is somewhat outdated and has some issues, like a peaky signature and dynamic range compression. The A100 is pretty sweet though :+1:

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Thanks for reminding me, I totally forgot about reading of that stuff regarding the Modi 3. I’d probably get the D30 cause I can’t seem to find the D10 in black that isn’t possibly one of the Aimpire AD10 fakes on Amazon. Now that some money has been cleared up from not having to buy speakers, I can also afford to spend more on the DAC if I wanted.

I would say stick with your current budget tbh. I would consider the m100 if it’s in stock then. You could get like an integrated amp like the denon pma-600ne which would be sweet and include a dac (imo an upgrade over the emotiva + 100 buck dac) but that is more expensive

Seeing a lot of new designs from various vendors with this slotted port and curved sides to the slot. Seems like some research has been done that everyone is jumping on that design bandwagon. Wonder if it’s fashion or if there’s benefits this as a new philosophy.

I was actually looking at getting the 600ne, but the $400 + getting some speakers was a bit much, but obviously that isn’t a problem now. I think I’ll go for it now again.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I was very impressed with it for the price, I think that would be a great paring with the elacs, and the dac inside there def ain’t bad. Just make sure you have an optical out on what you would plug into it

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Not a 100% on topic but I was surprised on the mixed messages/reviews of the ELAC Navis B-51 (ARB-51)… Z relatively hated them for the price and the sound demo definitely showed them as Meh. Joe N Tell liked them , Guttenberg loved them , Darko loved them, and most online reviews are positive to very positive.

I’m wondering if this is just a bias of tastes and preferences, the price point and how different reviewers are sensitive or lack there of for cost, or the whole “shill” topic where brands may pay reviewers to shill their products. Not trying to stir the pot just an interesting observation! Trying to get my local Elac distributor to schedule a demo for me so I can draw my own conclusion.