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  • Powered: No
  • 3-way
  • bass reflex
  • concentric mid-range and tweeter
  • 6 ohm/85 dB

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Anyone here have these bad boys?

I purchased the Floorstanders (UF52) a few months ago and I think they are incredible sound for the money (retail at $599/ea). They aren’t exactly the most well built…the Debut Reference have a level up build quality, but the sound that comes out of those little floorstanders is big and clear. Great soundstage and imaging. Its clear Andrew Jones put all of his money in RnD on these guys.

The Bookies are starting to get reviewed by some of the usual suspects and the Center channel option (for those looking at 3.1 setups or surround sound set ups) is getting good reviews as well.

I’ve been looking to level up my speakers, but find it very hard to beat the Uni-Fi 2.0 floor standers. I highly recommend them for those looking for $500-ish bookshelf speakers or the double-up for the floor standers.

Here are some reviews by some of the usual suspects

Big Steve the Audiophilliac

New Record Day (he’s got quite a few on these)

Everyone’s new favorite audio everyman, Randy the cheapaudioman

All give it incredible praise and as a fellow owner, I 100% agree. I have the floorstanders and they are the best I, too, have heard at the price point. Been thinking of getting the center channel and an ELAC sub to just get the full package for my front room home theatre set up.

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Was looking at the DBR6s. Im torn, all those guys like’em zeos not so much.

So…over on AudioScienceReview they reviewed these a few days ago…big debate happening right now…but it seems amir’s tested version tested very poorly due to a defect. I would wager that defect was just a bad product that was “damaged” during transit or off the assembly line…but your mileage may vary there. JoeNTell also did tests and it didn’t come up with his tests. JoeNTell and the guy from New Record Day both chimed in that they can not replicate the same thing amir did.

IMO, I tried listening for the “tell” in this flaw on the same track and the same time amir was talking about and I gotta be honest…idk if I could tell this flaw existed even if it was there. I couldn’t hear what amir was talking about on the floor standers.

Leads me to believe that this was a fault either in the product off the line or when the user sent them in to amir for testing.

If amir’s opinion matters to you at all (it does for some), maybe wait to see if ELAC sends him another copy to test.

If not…it seems you can’t really go wrong. Anything in this range for ELAC seemingly punches above its weight…it just depends on what kind of sound signature you are looking for, I suppose.

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Did the ASR guy buy just one speaker again?

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ya, I believe he does them all that way.

Sounds weird, and I don’t fully understand the science. But, my 9th grade science brain says…even if that is your experiment…shouldn’t you try and replicate it on another speaker?

Its weird that he would publish that post knowing its very weird. An issue with that “resonance” doesn’t seem like something that would get off the line of an Andrew Jones product. Nothing else in the ELAC or old school Pioneer range would have a flaw like that hitting market. idk. It didn’t match any other tests that other guys did and even when he posted an mp4 of it, I don’t think anyone could hear what he was trying to get at.

idk, these things sound great to me.

When you don’t critically look at your results, it is not science.

Shouldn’t you have a pair of speakers to begin with? I don’t know about you, but I have 2 ears.

You and I likely agree here.

My point was…even if you do test one individual speaker for measurements…shouldn’t you test another one to see if your results from the first one are accurate/line up?

Odds are good that the one speaker he tested was fucked up…so…why slap POST on a defective product you reviewed?

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Neumi BS5 sound decent as a pair but as a center channel not that good. Heading over to asr.

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I did a review!

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Have had an eye on these for some time. Good review. Speakers are another kind of ball game because so much depends on THE ROOM, lol.

They’re $455 right now, Tim. Just sayin’… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for watching!


Just an update…

Eventually, I DID find there was a ringing at the level JoeNTell outlined over on ASR.

However, I found that ringing at that DB level to be a result of a loose binding post in only one of my Floorstanders.

I tightened up the binding post and that ringing went away and I’ve stress tested it far beyond reasonable listening levels and I can not audibly hear anything ASR or JoeNTell were talking about. I’m absolutely convinced it was something those specific models they had that could have likely been easily fixed or should have been sent back to ELAC under the warrenty.

The speaker itself…is good. Sounds great, especially for the money…but for the money…yeah, you might have some QC issues.

I’m curious if there Reference brand of these speakers are better…all the reviews say they are…but I’m curious how much better.

These will eventually be my bedroom speakers when I upgrade from these by the end of the year. I have them paired with a Parasound A23+ and it really brings the bass out of them, too.