Electronic Music Thread

Ok, let’s talk electronic music. For me right now:

Happy to learn about something new and fresh from you guys.

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Hmm, when I’m working I love having many of Ben Prunty’s works playing in the background. He’s known for his work on game sound tracks.

Aside from that here’s couple other random songs I love.

The album is: polymer

John Darko from youtube has some good playlists in his vids. Often electronic and indy rock. This tune comes from him.


what up

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Like that…yeah John Darko is a well spoken mf with shit loads of high end gear, but he loves music first so he gets a :raised_hands: from me .

Condensed some of my collection!

One of my best finds of this year is from Yoko-Zuna, it’s a duo of tracks, or at least I highly recommend listening to them that way. They’re in the album “Voyager”, the tracks are “Nortlov” and “Voltron”

Nortlov is this perfect etherial relaxed beautiful half minute solo that feels like it really just plays a melody on your heartstrings, truly dream-like. In the end though, it will amp up and crescendo into the most astounding raging tornado of a song I’ve ever heard. The rest is for you to find out :wink:

I epecially like the contrast between the two tracks and how they still go together so perfectly.


Some people call this “chillout”, but I refuse to put anything in that category that has too much of a toe-tapping beat. I’d call it mood-restoring positive-vibes electronica.

EMBRZ (who is currently preparing a new album)

Now this is some audiophile electronic if I’ve ever heard it. And it’s even a “name your price” release
Highly recommend

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El Búho
Electronic + organic sounds + South American folk influences


Had to share this gem lol


dammit macgii, I love that cat, LoLoLoL!!!

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This one’s one of my all time favorite animated music vids on YouTube.