Electronic Music Thread

Absolute Electro banger EP

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So much chill…

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The Laszlo project are an electronic outfit, but this s them doing a Jazz version of one of their tunes. Very quirky

Great headphone test piece!

Jenkees is an old fav of mine. Glad to see them represented here, along with Lorn, another fav. (First time visiting this thread, so I went all the way back to 2019 lol)

Today it’s a bit of Detox Unit(Interior Crocodile and Here We Go Again) , Meso (That Gas), HWLS (001), Toadface, and Thriftworks.

Right now I’m playing some Pushloop.

It’s a day of bass, like most days in my home, and I tuned my Marantz series 30/sacd30 system for a small bass boost above normal, and I am basking in that warm blanket of sound as we speak. Music days are my favorite days, along with Elden Ring days. :grin:

Edit: my favorite space.

Check out “26 remixes for cash” by aphex twin if you can find it. I can’t find it on tidal, and I don’t use Spotify anymore.

Trying to follow the format here. :slightly_smiling_face: Not the most flashy album art on this one, but this is for the lovers of bass.


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Can anyone guide me in the direction of more music like this? When I scroll through techno, dance, electronic I can’t narrow it down to stuff I like. My preferences are rock and horn jazz with occasional blues and pop tossed in. Thanks.

And in a different direction…

Thanks for any leads!

@ShaneD I’d almost say that DWIG is techno, but I can’t really pinpoint it or maybe deep house, lo-fi?

Last two sound pretty pop to me

Something in that general direction


Thanks for the reply.
Bob Moses started as dance I think. Now getting poppier. I bought two songs from the new album. Good but I prefer the older, extended cuts.

I am now obsessed with Two Feet and have brought three albums of his music. I find them kind of rock, kind of pop and maybe a bit electronic. It stands out to me as being a little different and I have tried to find similar, but no luck so far.

More so with DWIG. Way out of my term of reference.


A couple superb tracks by Lena Raine, composed for… Minecraft of all things

This song on the Timeless sounds sooooo good