Elex to the Clear

My current set up is a Bifrost 2 > 789 > Elex. I do have Jutunheim 2 on the way. Would this chain give me much improvement for the Clear over the Elex? I love the sound of the Elex, but you know. The rabbit hole.

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The clears can be fairly amp picky. With the amps you have i might say to stick with the Elex, however im not sure how the Jot 2 would do with the Clear. But as someone who upgraded from Elex to the Clear earlier this year, the Clear is by far the superior headphone. I use mine on the BF2>>RNHP, which was recommended to me by forum users here and i couldnt be more happy with it. Ive tried the Clear on other amps i have here like the Hagerman Tuba, Lake People G111, and Asgard 3 and they just do the Clear the same justice as the RNHP does.

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How did you like the BF2>G111 chain @j.fopps?

I’m rolling with a B2/A2 stack right now, but the wider soundstage and supposedly better detail has me really interested.

Still enjoying that chain very much in general.

You’d say the G111 was a noticeable, audible upgrade from the A3, right? The jump from my Modi 3/Magni 3+ stack to this B2/A3 stack made me a huge believer in how much sources can impact SQ.

Absolutely an upgrade. I still have the A3 as well and I’d say that is just a very fun listen. The g111 is better in pretty much every technicality, and works with a ton of headphones and iems. Loads of quality power too.

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