Elfidelity AXF-100

Hi there,
does anyone know what this card is for?


Is that only for improving the flow of electricity, or is the data that the Dac needs to convert the music being transported?
Somehow it is not evident in the description whether the electricity is used for the Dac or both.
I also ask because I have connected the Dac to the PC, there is no jitter or the like, but my Dac is still powered when the PC is off, I find it a bit stupid.

Thanks in advance

Looks like yet another power power filter card of sorts.

I like that one better than this abomination simply for the fact they use SATA power (has 5V in it) compared to the abomination which either drops 12V down to 5V or boosts 3.3V up.

What I do not like is this:
WHY not use the perfectly fine PCIe connector? WHY in the everlasting f*** would you put a USB 3.0 onboard-header in a non-compliant fashion on the thing?!

Also: As any other USB-power filter card I have seen so far, not a single common mode filter on the PCB

Some random cheap Ali-express thing got that down!
The green ring with the copper coils! $0.40 worth of component!

Last one about random “audiofool USB shenanigans”: I would NOT trust any external power thing plugged to my PC. The ground potential may be different resulting in huge current flow accross parts shortening their life span or just instantly killing things.