Elusive 1099 build front stage build

So i’ve fallen into the rabbit hole of DIY speakers and love them. I have already build HTM 12’s for my home theater (behind the screen front stage) but due to Covid, i have canceled building my home theater just becasue there really is no content and my family have doing more art projects at home so i turned what would have been my theater into a craft room. Of course i want a sound system in my craft room since there will be a TV in there. I just received my 1099 from DIYsoundgroup.com after months of waiting for them to get back into stock. Was lucky enough to grab a pre order. The HTMS are more for home theater and the 1099 can be used for home theater but are more music as they are a 3 way speaker. I will be updating the build as i put the speakers together on this thread. For now i will post the little pics i have of me putting together my HTM 12’s. This is my first time every doing sodlering or even making a cross over and also makign a speaker in general. stay tuned for more update on the 1099, enjoy some of the htm 12 pics for now, thanks (oh and the HTM 12’s are awesome)


Could i get away with using cheap PA speakers for HT. Been looking at a thread at another forum thinking about dynamic range in a home theater setting.

Those look tremendous by the way.they look full range.

Thanks, I’m sure you can use any speaker for home theater. I guess the speakers they use in the Movie Theaters kinda look like PA speakers in a way. It wont hurt to try though. These speakers were designed specifically for home theater as HTM stands for Home Theater Monitors. The speakers im gonna build once im done being lazy are more like your tradition tower speakers

Look awesome like giant neumi BS5 with horns.

Ok finally got off my ass and built the center speaker. I’ll probably do left and right over the next 2 days


Good stuff! Looking forward to the res.

Finished left or right box, 1 more left. The face isn’t attached yet because I still need to build the crossovers and mount them and still need to line the inside with denim insulation