Elysian Acoustic Labs Pilgrim IEM - Impressions, Discussions, Pictures, and Comparisons

Finally Recieved after so much anticipation


Damm This thing is exceptionally good for the price. The Layering specially is very very good.


Yup! The treble is effortless.


My fav iem under 400$. Absolutely gorgeous sounding iem.


Very nice, congrats! I loved the Pilgrim. They still live in my head rent free since I reviewed them. Great set.


How much power does it require?

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It isn’t very demanding actually. Or I can say it doesn’t scale that much. If you have a decent enough source, you are good to go.


I only have Aful Snowy Night. No desktop gear right now.

Yeah it would be good don’t worry.

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SnowyNight has more than enough power for Pilgrim and also I feel it might have good synergy as well given that SnowyNight has neutral-warm response and Pilgrim can benefit from a warm source.

Thank you!

That’s good to hear, Thanks!

Pilgrim is not very scalable with Power. DACs - yes, they need good DACs. I will try it with A&K PA10 Today and share my impressions. So far, it can be easily powered

The Snowy night is more than enough to power that IEM, the Warm sound might also help to get a fuller bass.

They should pair great. But be sure to use wide bore tips, since SN takes down the treble a bit

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Thanks man!

I have used Pilgrim with Mojo 2 and Apple lightning to 3.5mm dongle, though there is difference in sound, it doesn’t scale as much.

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Anyone who’s considering buying the Pilgrim, a point to note that’s easily missed in almost all the reviews including mine is that it’s not forgiving of badly recorded music. It will reveal the flaws of the track. Be mindful of this.

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Sounds like you’ve had a blast with the Pilgrim IEM! Here’s the breakdown for anyone curious:


  • Impactful bass
  • Incredible air and upper treble
  • Fun and impressive sound overall
  • Great value for Elysian tuning


  • Upper mids aren’t perfect
  • Still pricey despite being the cheapest Elysian

Seems like a solid choice for anyone looking for a fun and engaging audio experience!

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I don’t have any Poorly Recorded music in my collection. Because it is the first filter I have for choosing songs.

But Old Songs download sound great with them.

I’m not sure if you know an Indian Composer called Ilayaraja. He’s a maestro and he produced and composed some of the greatest tracks but my God most of his tracks are poorly recorded.