Emergency headphone replacement needed

My work headphones yoke snapped and I’m in need of a new pair asap. Unfortunately I dont have a headphone amp as my work mainly details monitoring animatics.
My old headphones were a pair of on ear sonys
Have a choice between
koss portapros
focal listen pros
Various audio technicas
Senheiser pro headphones
I have a professional audio equipment store and a moog audio around the corner I can get them from.

I think the senn pro headphones or focal listen pro would be the best ideas imo if you can’t have anything else. It depends on what senn you can get though

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Cool yeah. I was thinking about the listen cause they’re the morst efficient of the headphones and I’m running off a rinky dink head phone out from a modified hp pc

Gotcha, well I think both the senns and focals would do the job just fine

Cool I just need to wait for the stores to open now

I wonder if they have an audio technica r70x as that’s a pretty sweet work headphone (but it wouldn’t work well off of a pc lol)

Yeah moog audio have those.

They are pretty great but might not meet your use requirements because I’m assuming you want isolation and something that can be driven off of a pc

Yeah. Unfortunately my headphone out is real crud. My sonys were not very loud at max volume and were like 40 ohms only.
And I need isolation

Yeah than the listen pro or (depending on your preferences) the hd380 pro, hd280 pro, or the hd300 pro

I have the 280 pro at home. I’m okay with the senheiser sound.
If they dont have the listens in stock I can pick up the 300pro pretty easy.

Lol moog has the audeze lcdxga for sale.

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Got the focals
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Nice, what do you think so far

Clamps a little tight but not uncomfortable
Sound is clear even coming through the underwhelming headphone out on the computer
Detailed. Not too… bright I think the term is
Locking headphone jack is annoying
Much more efficient than the last pair
Not sure what to make of the memory foam pads
Also got them with a small discount cause they were a model in the glass case. But still with full warranty
Head band is just okay

I ended up liking them so much I brought them home for regular listening and freelance work and brought my ratty old hd 280 pros to work to replace them

They are pretty nice imo lol, a good balance between work and fun

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