EMI (Electromagnetic Interference Filters)

Greetings & Issue
Hello all. I am new to the forum. This past week I have gotten the IFI Zen Dac V2 and the Topping X Shenzenaudio EX5 DACs’. I have a pair of Peachtree M24 powered speakers. I am having some noise interference from my speakers when running USB from my desktop computer to either one of my DACs’. My mouse also generates noise when you move it. Not sure if it is EMI as I have read EMI is from outside source. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

This Is How We Roll
Let me explain how I run it. I have my M24 speakers turned all the way up. Then I use the variable switch on the IFI Zen DAC V2. The EX5 only has variable. I run it like this because my remote for my M24 speakers is the not the best. Sometimes pressing the down volume on the M24 remote causes it to go up. Plus, if I plug my headphones into one of the DACs’ my volume knob is already low so I won’t blow out my headphones or ears.

Computer Specs
Case: Fractal Meshify C
Ryzen 7 5800X
Asus X570E-Gaming MB
32GB G.Skill 3600MHZ CL 14
EVGA 2080 Super
Asus Rog Strix 1000W Gold PS

Drop + Hifiman HE 4xx
V-Moda Crossfade M100

Things I have tried on both DACs’

  1. upgraded RCA cables to double shield - desktop still generates noise
  2. upgrade USB cable - desktop still generates noise
  3. use exact same setup as desktop on my laptop - no noise generated in M24 speakers
  4. use iPad on USB to both DACs’ - no noise generated in m24 speakers
  5. use optical to the EX5 - no noise coming from the desktop
  6. turned off HD audio in bios, unplugged the case connector to MB - desktop still generates noise
  7. moved desktop power onto own power strip - desktop still generates noise
  8. moved speaker power onto desktop power strip - desktop still generates noise
  9. ordered IFI IPower X 5v power adapter - waiting on delivery today
  10. used the balanced out of IFI ZD V2 to rca to M24 - desktop still generates noise
  11. used HE 4xx headphones on both DACs’ with volume all the way up - no noise
  12. unplugged all USB connectors except one going to a DAC - desktop still generates noise
  13. turn off computer - no noise is generated once computer is off

My Questions
Has anyone had a similar experience?
Has anyone tried EMI filters (USB or ones you wrap cables through or around)?

Smile You Only Live Once
(For those of you who :heart: ZReviews like me) I tried Z’s “JUST ZEN DAC IT” :rofl: - desktop still generates noise :wink:

try this card.
And then connect the usb cable to the dac and it should be gone.

This is the cheapest option, otherwise there is the Singxer su 2 or the MAtrix Audio Element H card.

Let me know if you have tried the card and had any success.


Thank you very much! I will start with the cheapest one first and then go from there.

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No need to thank me, :grin::wink::grin::wink:.I think it’s better than the usb sticks you can still buy.
I think the noise it comes from the PC.
But I can’t say exactly where.

I have read mostly good things about the card.
If you are in the EU you can order it from Audiophonics and read reports about it.
And save the import costs.

It should be a workaround because the card is not directly connected to the mainboard.
And you can determine the power supply externally, that’s what I would do instead of connecting to the power supply of the PC.
But ask Kitsune or Audiophonics for more information.

Yes, I knew about the USB and was glad to hear there are more and better options.
I am in the U.S. I will look and see who has the deal of the week. LOL.

Update: I just got my IFI IPower X 5v low noise power supply in the mail for the Zen DAC v2. That cleaned up the problem with the Zen Dac. No more noise. It is completely silent. So that is one fixed.

I am still looking to get the card. It is a cheaper option if it works. But if not, I may just stay with the optical on the EX5 for a while until I have the time and money to clean up the power. Will see how the card works. That is a wild looking set up on that card. But I like it. :+1: I will up date when I get it. Thank Again!


Glad to hear the iPower X fixed the issue! Power issues can be quirky and hard to identify the source because USB power is so different from device to device.


Yes, me too! After doing a little more research, I ordered Topping HS01 USB 2.0 High Speed Audio Isolator. That fixed my noise issue with my Topping X Shenzenaudio EX5. Very quiet. I also changed out the RCA cables to a XLR out to RCA in. I have spent a lot of money these past two weeks in just cables alone. It makes it all worth it when you can finally get rid of the noise and everything sounds clean. I think for the price I paid for the EX5, the company should have included that isolator in the box along with a couple of quality cables and adapters. Just my 2 cents. I appreciate everyone’s response.

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