Emotiva BasX A100 full setup help

Hey guys, this is my first post and I’m glad to be here. I am setting up stereo music with Emotiva BasX A100 amp in my living room. I am not a pro in doing audio setups and I would like to learn from you all. As of now, I am planning to get this amp with Airmotiv T-zero floor standing speakers. What other items that I would need? My expectation is to hear music wireless (bluetooth/wifi) and enable voice assistant like Echo dot. Thanks.

Tall order for that amp. What is your source? It has bluetooth ability?

You will need a bluetooth receiver of some sort to receive the music signal that can output to DAC via USB, Toslink or spidif or better yet a bluetooth receiver with DAC built in.

This would be more reasonable to do rather than separate pieces. They make more expensive ones if you want.

:thinking: i looked up the echo dot thingy. All i can find is a 3.5mm output on it. I guess you could go 3.5mm into something to get to the dac but someone more familiar with this process will have to step up and explain because personally i just don’t see how to go from a 3.5mm to any DAC direct. Sorry, wish i couldbe more help, i’m stumped

So you would need to connect something to the input of your A100 that would have Amazon’s system as well as have bluetooth capability.

Top of mind, though I’ve not tried, maybe something like the Denon Heos Link which has bluetooth and also use of Amazon’s system. Connect it’s PREOUT to the A100’s Input.

I don’t use an Echo Dot or Amazon’s system, so hopefully others who do could chime in and help.

Thanks. I am not aware of any other stuff that I would need and your post is helpful. Let me take a look.

Thanks again, Nick_Mimi. Can you help in finding any suggestion links or tutorial docs or something? As I mentioned before, I am fairly new to these audio setups and learning.

Thank you M923. My only problem is being ignorant as I am new to this space, but willing to learn. Let me see what I can research, but would like to get this forum’s help.

Ok, i did some searching to learn more about what an echo dot is. Yes you can connect direct but watch this video first to learn before you spend any more money. The premise is the same even though the budget is wayyyy different. It’s a good tutorial to get you started just so you have an idea.

Darko echo

Welcome to the forum, what you are attempting to do is called “streaming”. I do the same thing but in a different fashion. Begin your research w/ streaming tutorials to get the basic information on the different pieces understood so that you can make your decisions and ask questions based on a basic knowledge base. It took me a long while to figure out the basics and i am still only at the base level myself. Hope this helps a bit :hugs:

Lastly, i learned allot from Hans…

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Love me some Hans “Dry Toast” Beekhuyzen in the morning, tastes like audiophile.

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Yep, Hans is the type whom i listen to on my daily drive locked in the car for an hour at a time w/ nowhere to run…:rofl:

Great suggestion! Let me learn.

One last suggestion, no idea on your music preferences but check out Steve…i like Steve, w/ anything on the internet take it all based on YOUR personal preferences and availability of equipment to you along with future goals…

Thanks a ton :slight_smile: I am now slowly understanding how this works!