Emotiva C1+ mods ideas

Recently I’ve convinced myself that I really want a pair of Adam A77x monitors after having the A7x for a while.

I really want front ported and the cool thing about the A77x is that it’s a 3 way, both of the 7 inch woofers handle different frequencies so there is a left and right difference in a pair.

Enter Emotiva C1+ passive center channel speakers.

My idea is to get a crossover that will accomplish the same thing as the A77x, effectively turning a pair of these center channel speakers into left and right monitors and either removing the 3 inch midrange driver and using it as a port or drilling some ports to the bottom left and right of the 3 inch driver.

Now the problem: I have no idea what I’m doing. Speakers are foreign to me and crossovers seem like quantum physics to my brain so I wouldn’t know where to begin. Do companies like Adam Audio sell their crossovers or is this something I’m going to have to build or have built based on rough estimates of Adam’s crossovers or is it more complicated and takes significantly more tuning than that and won’t work with different drivers as they will have naturally different tuning? Is this a huge waste of time? A pair of A77x is like 5x the price of pair of C1+ so I feel like if it could be accomplished it would be significantly cheaper.

Anyone know where to start with all this? Boredom fueled DIY and a brain that won’t shut up thinking there’s more to be had from something with slight tweaks. Someone give me direction or tell me I’m stupid and I should stop.

As you mentioned im not going to. :slight_smile:

ADAM audio being a active speaker, the speaker has it’s own amplifier and i would guess the amp/board also handles the 3-way (2 1⁄2) crossover?
Have not seen the board but thats i suspect ​and they probably will not sell separately “purely” the amp/crossover board. Usually if you would have a “broken” unit, you send it back to maintenance or get a new unit back.
No DIY repairs unless you buy used unit and then fiddle with it.
Still sending it to be repaired if you want it being repaired.

The speaker enclosures are also very different. ADAM being ported for tuning reason and C1+ being closed for it’s tuning reasons. Making closed speaker into a open speaker… is not a good idea.

You would need to DIY / have someone build you a custom Crossover board to get C1+ work the way you want in passive form. It would probably also be a 4-way speaker in this case.
1= TW (range 1-2)
2= Center speaker + limited range (2-3)
3= Bass driver + limited range (3-4)
4= Bass driver + limited range (4-5) Low tones need / Port again or bigger box and trouble again.
plus all the possible issues that might result in this DIY project.

If you custom make the enclosure also. Then it might work? In some way.
Open box for the low bass “module”.
But you would need to know the drivers specification and capabilities.
It’s like a new speaker in other words. Start from nothing and end with something that works.

The simple solutions is. Save the money and buy the Adam A77x. :ok_hand: :sunglasses: :ok_hand: