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Zeos released his video publically… I wonder if anyone else has any thoughts on this

I was most interested by the DAC -> Sub with Hz switch -> Speakers connection on this sub. Are there other subs that do that?

From my understanding… not without going to a full studio grade sub rather then a consumer grade sub.

I saw this and got briefly excited because I thought the bigger Emotiva subwoofers would also get those connectivity options, which at their price point would be great value compared to studio subwoofers… but sadly the 12 and 15 inch ones have different connectivity.

Yes, most of the studio subwoofers, with the difference that most(all?) of them will be XLR or maybe XLR/TRS, not RCA. At this level of performance there is actually a lot of competition at similar or slightly higher prices, LSR310S for starters can be had for the same amount of money as the Emotiva. But there’s a lot of other options from Yamaha, Presonus, Mackie, Adam Audio, etc, at around $400.

The issue is if you want a subwoofer that extends lower than 30hz the studio subwoofers get expensive FAST. HT/stereo subwoofers are usually a lot better value then, even if you need an external crossover.

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I was in Zeos twitch stream today, and I think he mentioned that Emotiva sent him an email that they were going to give that connectivity to their higher end subs. I’ll try and find where he mentioned it and clip it.

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It was mentioned here. 2h 34m


Thank you! I’m really surprised I even had the memory capacity to recall this.

I noticed the topic and mention in LearningToSmile’s message of connectivity in subs.
“did Z just mention that there will be change to bigger models as well on his stream?”.
Have to check and he did.

Pretty nice move from Emotivas side.

The Adam Audio T10S has XLR/RCA.