Endgame Headphones recommendations

Which headphones would you recommend around the price of 2000-3000$ for endgame. I will be using liquid plat and bifrost 2( can change). I don’t do any critical listening. Mostly casual and sometimes active listening. I listen to almost all music genres like rock, classic, some pop, movie soundtracks, metal, acoustic, country, blues. I don’t listen to hip hop or Edms


10 char…

Open back? Closed back?

The Focal Stellia are wonderful for a closed back at $3,000 USD. Heard them for the first time last month and instantly fell into hot lust.

For that kinda cash…Stax L700 + SRM 500t or 400s energiser …unless you need closed backs.

ZMF Verite Open or Closed.
LCD -X and upgrade source stuffs significantly