Entry soft dome bookshelf

I mean for what joshua is looking for, this is probably the best for the price (new). These sound great in person and have a warmer yet balanced presentation with good technicalities that’s very pleasing

He did say he’s willing to go up to 500!

Just because someone says they can go up in price doesn’t mean they want to or should lol

Haha well just by mentioning he’s willing to go up is enough of a yes in my book

It’s like someone who wants to be pushed into something

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Fair lol, makes sense

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Ah crap I just realized that won’t work for joshua_g because it’s not a soft dome tweeter lol

Good point there. Can we make an exception for ring radiator tweeters?

I would assume so, but I mainly have only recommended soft domes, otherwise I would have added the studio 530 or other speakers. But the ring radiator tweeters are close enough for my book lol

Let’s see what @joshua_g thinks

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ring radiators sound like soft dome? was looking at them but had my concerns the top end would sound more of the same as my others.

I don’t think they sound just like a soft dome, it’s more of a mix of a hard dome like aluminum and soft dome imo. It would still sound fairly different but might be closer to your klipsch

and down the road i plan on getting some 530’s, but i have other horns atm. so they can wait

the mids and vocals are suppose to be really good on the lsim tho. and i do love a good vocal track

They are, the polks have a very sweetened warm presentation. Pretty thick sound yet refined

The LSiM are supposed to sound very warm and laid back.

Yeah, that’s the sound polk is known for imo, moreso than klipsch as the most recent klipsch stuff has been more towards warm and fun but their older stuff was actually pretty neutral/balanced

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Mids are great on the 703s. Also, IMO, the ring radiator tweeter doesn’t sound very different from most soft domes that I’ve heard. The LSiM is a warmer sound, but doesn’t leave you wanting for detail (and you can adjust for more treble with some toe-in if need be).

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