Entry soft dome bookshelf

Looking for an entry pair of bookshelves with soft dome, no rb42(4 inch woofer to small for my space).

i have klipsch/kef/martin logan. looking to add a soft dome into the mix. my tastes lean towards warm(despite those choices i know lol)

thinking about getting the polk s15’s while on sale.
maybe something from psb or wharfedale.
maybe an elac, but have heard those can have high end fr issues
5 1/4 woofer seams to be plenty, but 4inch kinda weak for my space. not apposed to larger woofers, just maybe not needed.

What kind of price are you looking at?

sub 300 preferable, could go up to 500

for now, trying to keep my habit on a leash lol

The Vanatoo T0 would be pretty nice if you wanted a powered option

those look sexy, do not need to be powered, but not opposed to it =)

They just sound great and have some pretty nice features as well

The ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 are a good choice then, and if you wanted to step up, the UB5 is very good too

Edit: the Dali Spektor 2 is also very good

ub5 uses a soft dome?

Yes it does, it’s a 1 inch soft dome I believe

i think im sold on the dali, walnut finish. So rare to find non black/white finish in cheaper speakers these days. and they will match my vintage 3 way bookshelves in walnut. I am sure they will sound better tho lol. the vintage tweeter is meh haha should replace it with modern.

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They have a more balanced sound that’s tilted slightly warmer so it might be something you enjoy

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what about the Kanto YU4 or YU6?

also seeing lots of deals on Klipsch Ref bookshelves.

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The Klipsch stuff is a hard dome I think, but the kantos are a good powered option as well

Not sure if you are looking for powered but feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the YU6

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The Polk S20’s are $149 here:

Great speakers and they do have a slightly warmer sound.

KantoLiving…what are the chances you’re good natured and up to sending me the SP32’s in black? my guy swore the 26"s were best…but they’re too short and below my desk surface. :frowning:

Actually, these Polk LSiM703’s would be perfect for you. They are HUGE and very high quality built speakers. Supposedly, they are very warm sounding.

Polk LSiM703 in Midnight Mahogany - $449:

Polk LSiM703 in Mt. Vernon Cherry - $449:

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If they are in your budget I would agree, these are some sweet speakers and I didn’t know they were still on sale

Neither did I, but I look at it almost every day thinking that somehow I am going to afford these and every day, it still shows them on sale. Even if OP were to buy these just to sell them later down the road when they are unavailable, it would be well worth it. They would probably be able to sell for more than what they are selling at right now. Zero Fidelity and Thomas & Stereo have both reviewed these and give them pretty good praise.