Epos h6pro vs Coolermaster mh751

Hello everyone,
I already have a pair of Sennheiser 58x that I really like but i would like a pair of closed backs on hand with a detachable mic, for travel etec and for aome games where a closed back would be helpful.

I’ve seen alot of good things about the Coolermaster mh751/752 (based on taskstar 82 i believe?) but I am also very interested in the Epos H6pro closed backs (like new openbox h6pros are $100 on Amazon so roughly close in price after that).

I am having a hard time deciding between the Cooler master 751s and the epos h6pros…does anyone have experience with both?

Any thoughts?

never tried it sorry mate only know that @Falenkor liked the mh751 for what its worth :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fair enough! Been hard getting a comparison between these two. How is the imaging of the 751? I would be using these primarily for first person shooters and traveling.

like i said got not really any experience with them, did only see it mentioned it the gaming guide and he liked them otherwise i did trust falenkors experience sound wise cause i still rock my beyer t1.2 that i did get on his recommendation
so i think as long as you want to use them in a casual way nothing much wrong with the coolermasters :wink:

otherwise for more qualified opinions go and search in falenkor gaming guide, just not sure if he is still active so maybe 1 good sauce of information less on the forum :smiling_face_with_tear:

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The only thing I didn’t like on them was the more recessive tone in the uppermids/lower treble that I could hear in the opens and the heavier bass in the closed model is higher than even gsp500 which has bass bloat issues depending on the game. Other than that they performed quite well for a cheaper headset. If your just looking for a cheapo headset I would say either those or the 751 will fit you fine… granted the epos series of headphones pad size is on the very spacious side so they are rather comfortable. Most of those sennheisers/epos gaming series(outside of game zero/one/pc37 and 38) seem to have a lot of bass… I had a buddies trial gsp500 which was open back yet bassy as all hell so while I haven’t tried every single one of their lineup it seems to be the recurring trend of just having too much bass in most cases less you equalize it back a bit. I tried the h6 for a short period and noticed immediately it strikes harder in the lows and got in the way however, of course this also will heavily depend on the game

its no sennheiser or beyerdynamic but in terms of gaming headsets very solid both of them are in this regard I had no issues outside of some verticality issues and some issues at times at diagonal placements but very rarely

same, but I am taking a break hence my lack of responses on here lol. I plan to get back into it when more come into play to check out and will likely start going into IEMS here and there soon enough since I get a metric ton of questions regarding them

yeah sorry about this, I will try to hop around from time to time but life has me super busy of late lol. I am still around so no worries.

As far as the two… it boils to preference but since the mh series can be found cheaper with the 600 series being even cheaper and essentially the same headphone in most ways… I would usually say the coolermaster if your on a tight budget and need something tried and proven. If you prefer a more casual experience, more build quality, and bass though I would definitely say go with the h6 there

Overall, if I was to choose EXPLICITLY for the competitive scene and comfort of tuning? the coolermaster has a better tuning overall… the Epos series has way too much bass, weird mids, and a dip in the uppermids/treble causing a strange tuning overall and the bass gets in the way in many of fps… if you want a comfort headphone sure epos is fine… but if you want performance… go with the mh series in that regard