Eq apo alternatives?

So for me personally, when i downloaded eq apo and peace and scanned it (i just do for every program)
It gives me multiple malware prompts


A) is eq apo actually safe and im just dumb believing a virustotal scan

B) are there any alternatives really?

I think it has driver control so it flags. There’s nothing unsafe about peace.

Alright thanks! Guess ill just give it a go then.
Prolly in my other computer first

Most antivirus software causes more problems than it acutally helps

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thanks for the help guys, turns out the sourceforge website download is actually safe while their official website is flagged!

i dont believe the official website is malicious either, but i mean, i dont want a virus either.

though, peace on the other hand…

I’ve been playing around with Peace EQ a bit more these days and have come to realize that this thing aint so bad! You can really do some cool stuff with it. You can add sliders, custom tune what freq they hit at and so on. I’ve been building some headphone-specific profiles the last few days and it’s been pretty fun.

Tonight, I noticed something called Auto Tune. When I clicked it, it gives you a whole list of headphones to select. I was on the Elegia this evening, so I looked it up - There were four to choose from, including one called “Crinacle”. Made me think of the Youtuber! So, I gave it a shot. After giving it my own additional secret sauce (because my ears are very altered!), it’s fantastic!

I’m realizing now that you can grab the FR chart for any headphone and can use this APO to create some fine tunings for it. It’s really fun to do, actually. Respect to this program, man. It’s a great tool and it’s getting me into the music in an unexpected and delightful way.