Equalizer apo (with peace) Just WILL NOT WORK


win10, MSI b550 gaming plus, earthquake iq52b’s

I for the life of me can’t get this god damn program to work, there is 0 change when clicking the on/off button to put the changes into effect. I have no idea why. I don’t even have the msi realtek drivers installed! It’s just windows stock! I’m even using the 3.5mm out on the back of the mobo. I am hopeless right now, I am not good with software. It’s been 3 hours and I’ve gotten nowhere.

When I change the volume level (not the pre amp gain) it does change the volume, so the application registers a form of change, but every other thing doesn’t work.
do I need to restart my pc after clicking the on/off button into the on position?

Under the settings, I have “Show warning if equalizer apo isn’t installed on the selected device” checked, and I have never gotten a warning, so I feel confident in believing it is installed correctly.

It registers that I have the configuration selected, as the tray icon changes to the custom color i set for the config (red instead of blue).

custom configs nor default configs work.

I have tried music on youtube and music saved to my hard drive.

I have “enable audio enhancements” under my speakers turned on in win10 sound settings.

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You are not the only one.
Some have found a fix with in these topics.