Equipment subforum for portable amps

I feel like there is more than enough reviews and great products to warrant a subforum for portable amps. I came here looking to see if I could find possibly a low thd multi W/ch potable amp that kicks a bit harder than the xduoo balanced or 05+.

I feel like there also a lot I could add to the forums if I could be allowed to add stuff like this and possibly YouTube reviews links on the main page since I saw some headphones listed with reviews that didn’t have a review linked to it and possibly more categories for the base

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I support this idea! A section just for portable amps would be awesome and great for our organization/research as members of the forum.

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I think the idea of “open source HFG” came up before. Never went past “would be nice”-stage IIRC.


Indeed, that would be nice.

I would love a portable section. Even if we just do “DAP, DAC/AMP, Portable AMP, anything with batteries” it would be nice.

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