ER2XR or Fiio FH3(im a basshead)

I was wondering which earphone was better ER2XR or Fiio FH3 for refrence bass is my most important thing but I don’t want my treble and mids to be crappy

The XR is probably a more reference sound. But you mentioned that you are a basshead so that would make the FH3 better for you.

k thanks for the input

np, usually reference and bassheads are 2 different sounds lol.

Fh3 for bassheads

Ditto. FH3 for bass heads. ER2XR has a good amount of bass for an Etymotic, but it’s not a whole lot of bass.

I own the er2xr and I don’t share the love affair many folks have with them. Fit for me is very poor and I can’t emphasize this point enough.

Resolution is average for single DD. Bass is adequate, but not basshead. Mids are mostly correct, but very slightly honking for me. Frankly, I’m surprised this set is recommend so frequently.

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