Eric Clapton Fans; What do you think of his new single?

This single has been getting some attention lately for being anti-vax. Just curious what Clapton fans here think.

Personally, I think that the song really reflects how many moderate-politcal people (like myself) feel about the ongoing pandemic, and the obvious power-grabs by the left AND right wing parties around the world are taking advantage of the dire situation.

Dunno…maybe I’m crazy…

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Lots of sunshine in the music track that seems discordant with the seemingly angry very… literal lyrics. Only context clues are suggestive of what the upset is.
Like many, the state of being upset seems to be key.
Seems a strange protest song for a mega-millionaire man in his 70’s.
Worth noting that this wouldn’t be far from the most provocative thing the man has said publicly as an adult.

A simple tune that I can’t imagine keeping in a rotation.

Can’t wait to see the twitter mob cancel him for being an anti vax successful straight white male.

But seriously though, these days you can’t really have a different opinion without being labeled as a demon. They don’t teach you to think critically anymore, they just force things upon you and brand it as science. S

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