Es100 slows wifi internet

Here’s an issue I discovered on my phone. With Pixel 3A bluetoothed to an ES100, my internet is is slow especially with YouTube. Just sits and buffers. I can’t seem to figure this one out.

Hmmm I’ve used the same combo, pixel 3a to es100 with out any issue in the past.

I never had this problem until yesterday. Although I haven’t used it on this phone for a couple weeks.

hmmm, did you get that security update on the pixel a few days ago? wonder if maybe that messed something up?

I had an update today that I hoped would fix it but that solved nothing.

Your Wifi probably uses the same 2.4GHz network bandwidth as the BT.
So speed slows down when 2 different data’s streams are bouncing around and trying to find their way. Might be near others channels so simple channel change might help.

Same happens if 2 different network devices have their own Wifi networks.

  1. normal home network wifi
  2. separate audio device wifi. that has sender / receiver units and they connect.

Using the same 2.4GHz wave. Audio breaks up and internet goes slow when 2 different data stream bounce around.
Depending of course the environment / rooms, length, hardware etc.

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