Ether CX vs drop aeon open x

How would you compare both of these for anyone who has heard both. I kinda want to try one of the mr speakers (Dan Clark audio) sets and the cx is on sale for 750. Not entirely sure if I will but either of them just yet but curiosity has me going. I know that the new aeons are vastly improved as well but not sure if I want to go for full 900 at the moment.

I guess the elex if another contender for me but I dunno. I feel like I read a lot of qc issues with those.


I would rate them like so: aeon 2 closed >> cx > open x. The aeon 2 closed is just worth imo. You can find them b stock or used for 750. Elex is also awesome but different

Have you heard the aeon open 2 open as well? Do the Aeon 2 closed have a pretty decent soundstage still?

I have only heard the closed, but the mrspeakers closed tend to do better imo anyway. The 2 closed still have a very good soundstage for their size and closed. It’s average width, but great spatial recreation

I’ve always liked the look of the c or cx the most for some reason. Even if aeon is more comfy. The only thing that I’ve worried about is the bass i hear is lacking. I’m not a bass head or anything but I still worry. Does the aeon 2 fix the bass response a bit?

The ether cx wasn’t really lacking on bass for me with a proper amp, perhaps if you don’t amp them properly they would lack bass. The aeon 2 is very linear bass response, very good.

Did you tend to use the dampening pads with the cx at all?

I actually had the ether c flow 1.1 so close enough lol

Oh okay haha. The 1.1 is basically the cx with the tuning pads preinstalled yeah?

Kinda yeah lol. I just immediately sold my 1.1 after owning the 2 closed

Oooof yeah maybe I’ll wait until I’m ready to take another 900 dollar hit lol. This has been a very unhealthy 2020 so far ha. How would you compare the aeon 2 soundwise to the 1.1s?

An upgrade in every way for me lol, not much other ways to put it for me

Haha works for me.

I’ll sell you my Ether CX…
They’re OK headphones, you really need to play them louder than I’m comfortable with for them to sound really good.
At lower volumes simpler mixes like Jazz still sound good, I find more convoluted mixes rock, metal etc. tend sound compressed.

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Yeah I read a lot of places that people prefer the sound at volumes that are less than tolerable. If I decide on the cx’s than I’ll let you know for sure. I am seeing the aeon flow 2 closed for 750 open box. So that actually may be a contender. I may actually wait at least a month or so until I decide for sure. I think I’m started to get a little out of hand with my spending but I can’t help it lol.

DM me how much you’re looking wanting for them.

You know… just in case :yum: lol