Etymotic ER4 alternatives for 300-400$ price range?

Hello fellas! im new in hifiguides and fairly new in audio world (sorry if i speak wrong english is not my main language). so the thing is a year or so ago i bought the tin p1 for a zeos video and from the first time i put them on, i loved them, it was the best audio experience i’ve ever had. but after all this time i am starting to get a little bit bored of them and im looking for the most DETAILED iem (or headphone) i can buy in 300-400 dollars price range, and after searching a lot people normally says the etys er4 are the most detailed iem for the price, but it scares me a little bit how deep they go and the vacuum seal they produce, so for that reason i’m looking for alternatives like the blessing 2 or mangird tea, but people dont compare them to etys, mauybe because the are old. hope you guys can help me and once again sorry for the awful grammar.

(note: where i live i can’t get the koss esp 95x/950 or 6xx)

Even though the tuning isn’t quite right for me personally right out of the box, the tape pro’s level of detail blew my mind even after owning tons of high end headphones and a 95x. Worth a shot if you’re willing to eq a little.

Number one, Etys are perfectly comfortable with foam tips you’ll probably be fine.
At the other end of the scale the closest I have to the Etys sound with lots of detail, fabulous staging, and timbre are a pair of triple concentric driver Ear buds (:scream:) by Toneking , the Densroastris Viridis. They are very comfortable, highly addictive and have light bass, though tight and well extended. No reviews anywhere I’ve seen. They improve with burn in.

I recommend trying the ER4, I find them comfortable enough although it took a few days to adjust. Personally I could quite happily live with the ER4SR as my only headphone or IEM. Ruthlessly revealing, very accurate and properly neutral, and well made. They’re not cheap but they do offer genuine value for money.

FYI the ER4’s are on sale on adorama for $129:

ER4SR (new):