Europe - where to buy DIY headphone parts?


I was thinking about about making my own cable to replace the one for mz Bose Quiet comfort 45 (or 35 not sure). There are a number of naked 3.5mm jacks on amazon, but this one needs a 2.5mm and for the life of me I can’t find any.

I found some DIY speaker shops but those didn’t sell heaphone parts.
Tried conrad, could only find adapters too and all the jacks they did have were butt ugly (and probably too thick for the QC).

Aliexpress has some but I would really like to avoid them if at all possible.
Thomann has a single one that also looks way too big and ugly.

Connectors :+1:

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That’s exactly what I am looking for thanks!
Now is there one in mainland europe?

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headband stuff or replacement headbands is what i’d like to see more of in general has some replacement parts, including drivers.
They only seem to have parts for specific headphones though and not DIY stuff.
It was the only place I found a replacement driver at for the DT880 600ohms.

Ok, guess I will go withe the german site, they are only ones with a 2.5 that is thin enough.
Now for the cable itself, can I just use this with some paracord to keep it all together?

I don’t think I would get anything out of the shielding they have on their higher end cables and I have that copper cable already. Thinking making about a meter and half. Should be fine right?
unless that shielding helps against microphonics?