Ever heard of Decware?

Does anyone have experience with the company Decware? Their stuff is mostly horrendously expensive but they got some seemingly affordable speakers that look interesting.

Lol those are very reasonable prices compared to other boutique manufactures. I have heard their amps, and they were pretty good and reasonably priced imo. Also looked super nice. I have unfortunately not heard any of their speakers

They do offer plans for diy versions of their speakers for like 20 bucks, and I would assume they would be pretty good imo

Yeah their bookshelves look really nice. Also their Ohm Walsh like Omni directionals

I built a couple of of the ZKit tube buffers years ago but don’t use them much these days…maybe should revisit again.

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Ooohh a brand that I have not heard of before, might take a time to take a look at their products.

(Well damn, these are expensive as hell! Never mind then…)

I’ve become interested in the dac they sell which is a modified pro tascam which they say can be used to record straight from a source like vinyl or tape deck to pcm or dsd


Vinyl without a phono pre?

Not sure. from the back it has a balanced xlr inputs and 2 rca jacks
As well as the usual digital faire

You might be interested in the Crane Song HEDD Quantum. I picked up one for my studio and it’s a great addition alongside my other dacs and adcs.

Recording dsd can be pretty iffy imo and not really something worthwhile

Cool. I’ll look into it.