Ever wanted a Bugatti? well, now you can...sorta

Bugatti partnered with Tidal and created these:

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I see a BMW, B&W collaboration next! I hope they’re super expensive. :wink:


The feeling of underwhelment is strong with this one.

Luxury collaborations always leave me wondering how much effort was put into sound vs bling.


it is wise to be cautious, but I bet their pricing will make them unobtanium for the majority of us, LoL!

on the plus side though…Drop has done well with collaborations and produced some epic sound!

Drop focuses on performance over bling :wink:


I believe these are marketed as lifestyle loudspeakers, so nobody should expect them to blow ya away.

There are way too many luxury speaker companies in the market to mention them all. The majority of them are majestic… but all of us are too broke for that… but it’s unecessary :wink: :wink:

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