Eversolo AMP-F2

Some months ago, I wrote the following when I installed the Sonus Faber speakers into the system:

“In the evolution of every system there are those moments when the introduction of a new piece has a significant impact on system performance such that you sense that things have gone to a higher level.”

Well, it has happened again. As good as these Lumina II speakers are, every time I would go into a more critical listening session, I would come away wondering what the heck was missing. I began to realize the definciency was the DA-9. The day I saw the Eversolo AMP-F2, something inside of me went off. And when something gets inside you like that, it doesn’t go away. It took a while to get one, but I have finally secured one, and it is in the system.

This is the amp I have been hoping to come across. Yes, it is another Class D amp. I know for many that is a non-starter. I thought I was gonna make a move on a Class A/Class AB unit myself, but with the improvement in Class D technology, and the fact that the SA-1 makes such a good Class A preamp, The bias against Class D has been removed. So I rolled the dice and brought it into the system.

The build quality of this amp is exceptional. Everywhere you look, you understand that this a quality piece. It has a feel of substance when you handle it, and it presents an aesthetic of simple elogance. The outer case is nicely finished with well done vents on the sides. On the back, the connectors are well thought out and very well placed. The speaker binding posts are specially designed by Starke Sound and are made of an exclusive beryllium/copper construction.

Installing it in the system was very straight forward. The economic footprint enabled me to keep the system skyline and not have to re-imagine the layout. Huge bonus. I am using the U2 Pro DDC to feed the DAC in this implementation. I enjoy This chain over the USB interface of the Bifrost. There was one other thing that had to change as well. The DA-9 had a sub out on it, enabling the use of a coax cable connecting to the Low-Level input of the TZero sub. The AMP-F2 doesn’t have a sub out, so I took the coax out of the cable plant and finally deployed the REL High-Level interface cable with the Speakon connector, meaning I am now connecting the sub to the amp’s speaker terminals and using the High-Level input and circuitry on the sub to control it. All I can say is I wish I would have done this a lot sooner. The sub has completely changed how it integrates into the transducer pool, making it much more transparent and effective. Another huge improvement.

Using the amp is a real joy. This is the first home audio amplifier I have owned that didn’t have a volume control. The Singxer SA-1 has pretty much assumed dedicated duty as a preamp, now. The Class A architecture infuses a wonderful essence into the sound signature. And it’s fully balanced, so the cable plant stays true balanced all the way through. That’s huge for me. I know, I know, balanced doesn’t sound any better that single ended, yada-yada-yada. Bullshit! :smile: Balanced rules. Incredible fidelity, ZERO noise. It’s just plain better. That’s the other thing. The AMP-F2 runs dead quiet. Inky blackness. I am very impressed by that.

The sound presentation is something that is evolving at this time as it burns in, but even now it is nothing short of F-ing impressive. To quote Starke Sound, “For true audiophile performance, Starke Sound’s electronics team developed the innovative SAPS switch mode power supply and NS600 amplifier module, raising its sampling rate to 600kHz. Combining the high efficiency of class D and the warm sound of class AB amplifiers.” This thing delivers 245 watts into 4 ohms, and the 600W power supply is strong, giving constant powerful drive to the speakers, which seem to be lovin it. This high energy state enables the AMP-F2 to sound incredible at almost any gain level with no channel imbalance. This means I can listen for longer into the evening without pissing off the neighbors.

Bass response is not going to knock you over, but it is strong, fast and beautifully controlled. Clearly it is driving the sub in a way the DA-9 couldn’t. Energy up top is impressive, delivering great separation and a slight sense of air with no sibilance or fatigue. Where this amp won me over was in the mids. Great authority and clarity. You hear every instrument, you hear the room, the players’ interaction with their instruments, the singers’ interaction with the microphone, everything. Vocals and acoustic instruments are outstanding and very lifelike. Overall, an extremely engaging and satisfying listening experience. It’s one of those amps you want to keep on listening to. At 800 bucks, this thing is a steal. It won’t win everyone over, of course. It won’t compete with a high-end Class A amp, either. But the AMP-F2 has upped the Class D game in a way that has exceeded every expectation I may have had. It’s an absolute keeper and most likely end game for this system.


I thought I would give one final update. The amp is settling in beautifully. It has 40 hours (or so) on it now, and things have evolved even more. So it really did need some time to mature. The bass has really come on now. It is deep and rich and yet precise, with impressive control. A lot of times bass can get muddy and loose or lose definition. This amp delivers bass in a way I have not heard before. It’s so clear. I can hear every note the bass player is playing, but there is that nice physical presence as well. I love that. Again, probably not enough for bass heads, but just right for me.

There has been improvement everywhere, actually. That edgyness that it had at first play is now completely gone. What remains is this great energy and space up top that is not fatiguing. Cymbals have wonderful decay and lifelike sound. drums sound sharper and more refined. The level of detail is astounding. You hear everything and know where everything is. The stage is fantastic. As it gets more time the presentation is getting more and more organic and lifelike. The pairing of the AMP-F2 and Lumina II speakers is turning out to be a great one. I think the amp has elevated the performance of the speakers in a pretty big way. I’m hearing things in familiar songs that I wasn’t before. All these subtle details and nuances - it makes a huge difference in the listening experience. For this desktop, nearfield environment, I am not sure what else I could want.

I think the thing that is impressing me the most, though, is the high energy of the amp. It’s doing all this cool stuff, and it’s not even breaking a sweat. I have significant headroom. Its ability to deliver this amazing sound field even at lower listening levels is huge. The DA-9’s sound performance would drop off a cliff when you turned it down. The AMP-F2 doesn’t. It’s 10:20PM here and I still have the speakers going, listening to some Wes Montgomery, and it sounds beautiful at a modest 65-70db. For me that is a game changer! Again, I know this amp won’t be for everyone, but I am extremely satisfied with it. It’s proving to be a fantastic addition to the system.


Low volume listening and still enjoying dense sound and fluid dynamics are attractive attributes indeed.

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They are. You guys will have to excuse me if I am coming off a little too enthusiastic! The thing exceeded my expectations and it surprised me. If I had a nit to pick, it would be that perhaps the bass response may not be as satisfying as some other amps. For what I am looking to do in this setup, that is perfect. This is a different kind of bass response, and I am finding it extremely intriguing and pleasing. The precision, clarity and detail of the presentation overall is astounding. You just close your eyes and let the music take you away. I’m watching an incredible YouTube video streaming in 4K and I am blown away, really. I feel like I’m there.

If anyone has any proclivities toward classical music, you will enjoy this performance. I love this conductor!