🔷 EverSolo DMP-A6

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Yes its possible to cast VU’s to a 77" OLED. Just takes some fiddling.

This one is better.

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I actually cast this thru my roku. I dont know how often I would use this but it does work. It probably would work better going from a Samsung phone to a Samsung tv. The cast couldn’t find my Sony but it found the Roku. Weird

Has enyone else started looking for upgrades and or improvements on the A6? I picked up the master for the opp amps and improved clocking. I mean, it just makes sence if I don’t want to add a separate DAC to this stack. The option is still there but it wouldn’t make sence to buy the lesser and then try to make improvements. I added the internal linear power supply and a well insulated power cord from a good power protector. I might try changing the fuse as well. I don’t know if it helps but it probably couldn’t hurt either. So what changes have any of you made?

I have not been able to get my unit to recognize the CD input. Does the Disc drive that you connect to DMP-A6 USB OTG port have to be USB 3.0?
I installed an SSD and formatted it with no problems. I have an LG disc drive that is labeled USB 2.0 connected to the player with USB cable that came with the unit. I have tried many times but have never been able to use the internal storage on SSD yet.

What is your issue, the CD drive not running or you cant get the M.2 SD card up and running?
The unit if finicky about the CD drivesit works with.The problem is there’s not enough supply current to run both of the 3.0 USB ports simultaneously. A 2.0 USB cable is not the issue. I ran a powered Y splitter cable to the External CD drive and it works fine. Try connecting the CD drive to the lower USB input not the OTG connection.
As for the SD card you need to format it in the A6…I formatted the card then hooked up an ecternal 2TB hard drive to the OTG USB connection and transferred my music files to the blank SD card inside the A6.
You can use a laptop to download the files into the A6 too.
Go to their website they have lots of helpful tutorials…

No issue getting SSD recognized or formatted. I never thought the USB cable was the issue because I am using the one Eversolo cable that came with the player. My question was if the CD drive output needs to be USB 3.0, because my CD drive output socket is labeled USB2.0. The LG CD drive I am using has its own power supply.
But I want to thank you as you have largely solved my problem. I did as you suggested and plugged the cable into the lower USB socket (underneath the USB OTG input) and the EVERSOLO player recognized the CD drive! I have been trying for months to get this to work and I would have never thought to try that because the owners manual says that socket is an output to connect to an outboard DAC. Thanks again.