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This is the official thread for the Eversolo DMP-A6 Network Audio Streamer

This thread is for discussion and reviews.


  • Powered by a quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 professional processor
  • Large six-inch LCD color touchscreen
  • Solid aluminum alloy chassis
  • Low noise, high quality power supply
  • Based on Android 11
  • 4GDDR+32GeMMC memory for applications
  • Support for M.2 NVME 3.0 SSD (not included), up to 4TB
  • Supports DSD512 Native, PCM768KHz@32Bit, MQA full decoding
  • USB, Optical, Coaxial, HDMI digital audio Bit-perfect output
  • XLR balanced and RCA single-ended pre-out
  • Music services Tidal, Qobuz, Highresaudio, Amazon etc.
  • Honestly too many features to list, goto the product page for more details

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There’s 2 models of this player that have basically been released simultaneously ( or close to the same time).
The standard model and the upgraded Master Edition. The latter features upgraded audio op-amps in the analog output stages (Bal. & SE RCA.)
The Master Edition also features upgraded Femto Clock/s…
This upgrade is something you might want to consider if you plan on using the internal DAC’s and analog outputs stage…
The base price for the standard unit in the US is currently $899 with the Master Edition going for $1299. Unfortunately, living in Canada, these prices are bumped to $1299. and $1999. CA respectively.
No way in hell was I going to pay a $700 CA upcharge for some op- amps and clock that I’ll never use because I’m going USB digital out to my outboard DAC and Preamp…
Regardless of which level you chose I’m sure you’ll enjoy the versatility and pleasure it is to use the DMP A6.
It has made using Amazon Music HD a far more enjoyable experience. The Eversolo and AMHD apps run flawlessly through a tablet or phone and has access to all the players functions as well as all of the Amazon HD controls…
That being said ; The touch screen on the A6 is excellent. A very light touch is all that’s required. It’s also quite adjustable.
I imagine a lot of the expensive high end Streamer manufacturers are going to have to up their game in regards to touch screen versatility…The touch screen can be switched off for those that want to just operate the player from their tablet.
I installed a 2TB M.2 SN 770 WD_BLACK SSD game drive in the player. It’s overkill, but I had it handy… It paired and formatted fine with the A6. Of course you can increase it to a 4TB M.2. It takes a few minutes to install.
Another important selling point for me was the ability to plug a USB CD disc drive into the OTG connection and rip CD’s directly to the internal SSD files. There was mentionon on ASR of not all external USB CD disc drives being compatible with the player, I’ve yet to try mine. Of course you can upload the music files into the USB OTG connection with a USB stick too
I’ve had my A6 for a few days and received my first firmware upgrade yesterday. Nothing critical just improving overall functionality and features of the unit. It takes a few minutes to upload the current firmware.

So far, this appears to be a well made product that is well worth the price, imho…
I’ll report more findings as I get increasingly more familiar with the player…:smiley:


Cool thanks for the real-world enlightenment. The DMP-A6 interests me some I’ll admit. I’m sharing the same opinion regarding the “Master” edition. My use case would also be to utilize an external DAC if I were to pick pick one of these up.

Does it actually allow for bit perfect play-back vs when using AMHD via PC? One thing about AMHD that bugs me is that it doesn’t really matter what the sample rate is set to it is what ever the PC is set to and up or down scaled to match the PC setting.

I have AMHD and would use it more, and I may have not have gone down the roon path if AMHD actually played files in their HD format 24/48, 24/96, 24/192 etc.

I think you may have answered my other question -Do I understand it correctly, that using the PC or another device can act as a remote to the DMP-A6, at least as for controlling what AMHD is playing?

Please do - Thanks!!

I was doing some catch up reading on the ASR forum and apparently there was some issue with Eversolo calling the player roon ready when it hadn’t been roon certified yet.
The CEO for roon suggested not buying it yet…
Apparently , that’s all been worked out and the device is in good stead or very soon will be… I don’t know the latest news as I’d never pay for roon don’t give a hoot about it.
What is it but another expensive gate keeper like MQA… What so it’s easier for the rich to stream to their bathroom or garden shed ?
From what I’ve read in the Eversolo literature it is bit perfect format. In the settings on the player you can decide whether it playsback in the original sample rate format ie whatever AMHD is sending out or you can choose to have the internal dac upsample…
If you touch the HD or Ultra HD icon on the app either on your tablet or the A6’s touch screen a new screen shows the sample rates from each device in the form of a flow diagram…I will send a couple of pictures detailin what I’m talking about, unfortunately they’re on my other tablet. I will send some poor quality pics. In my next post.
Yes you can use your computer as an app interface ,or your tablet or a phone .
If using wifi you can control the player from any device anywhere within wifi range… Like who needs roon?
You can stream over high quality Bluetooth too ,yuck…
Once you download the Control App from Google play all you have to do is link up via ip address and every Amazon control function and every A6 control function is at your fingertips anywhere within range… When you turn on the Eversolo DMP on your tablet you press the big purple " CAST" button then every control on the touchscreen is mirrored on your tablet, phone or computer…
You can simply plug the A6 into your dac using the USB Audio digital out and away you go…Of course you have to sign in on your Amazon account befor you get going. That is if you sign out after each use which I always do…
More to come…:smiley:


Getting interesting, as I have an Amazon Kindle Fire 10 with AMHD on it.
Sounds like I could easily use that with the Eversolo. I usually use
my laptop, but I like the Kindle’s size. Hmmm.

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Here’s a few bad photos,
The first is taken after you tap on the HD Ultra icon on the Amzon song page. Remember whatever function you tap on yor tablet mirrors the A6’s touchscreen when in “CAST” mode. Cast mode lets you adjust all the A6 functions as well as all of Amazon’s or whichever music service you prefer…
Note: on the HD Ultra song it’s showing up as 24/192. The same also for the second photo which is 24/ 96 and also considerd HD Ultra…

I checked on other songs from older jazz albums and they displayed either 24/48 or 16/44.1 which are stated as HD on the Amazon HD app…
Note the final destination on this chain… My ifi Micro Black Label headphone DAC/ AMP.
I haven’t used it with my main DAC yet as I’m painting in the next room and my main hifi area is all covered in drop sheets at the moment. I’ve only been listening with headphones so far. Using either the ifi dac in the digital USB input or through the internal DAC through the analog RCA outputs to a Music Hall PH 25.2 hybrid headphone amp…
I won’t be using the analog section in the future so I thought it would be fun to listen to it that way while I’m painting…


I have the Eversolo app loaded onto a pait of 11" Samsung tablets. Also loaded it onto my computer as well as my phone. You could conceivably load the app onto a large flat screen Smart TV, I suppose…:laughing:
As long as all external control devices are running on the same IP address which they would normally do anyway.
The player has 3 wifi antennas but I haven’t tried the A6 on wifi as I prefer ethernet connections to my ( fixed/non portable) equipment.

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Ha! It’s said Kindles’ “android” is a bit different, so was cking. If I do get a streamer (future) I would like to use the Kindle…I asked Wiim and they said
AMHD should work, but from their app…gets a little confusing for this non
technical guy, lol.

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I’ve been playing around with the A6 today mostly listening to the music files of ripped CD’s to FLAC and some DSD files that I ripped from vinyl albums using my Korg ADC.

Downloading files to the internal M.2 SSD was really easy. Plugged in an external Seagate 4TB USB Backup Hard drive into the USB 3.1 OTG port connection on the back of the A6 and simply sent all the music files to the 2 TB M.2 SSD mounted on the inside of the A6. Easy peasy…

The upload time was quite fast. I was a bit worried because the A6 calls up a M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 3 NVMe SSD but I had a faster gaming card on hand that was Gen 4 but claimed to be backwards compatible with Gen 3 equipment…Works like a charm , so far :smile:

I played around with the Sampling Rates . It apparently upsamples 16/44.1 files to anything anything you want up to 192 Khz.
Here’s a couple of crappy photos of the tablet showing the different sampled rates when adjusted… The changes in sound are minimal to my 66 yr. old … Perhaps a bit of high frequency extension and general smoothness. Something my ears could use, anyway…:rofl:
It’s still 16 bit…

I’m sure you can set it to upsample eveything when streaming too but I perfer the "original " sample rate as it varies with the Amazon HD files.
Here’s a photo of one of the control views.
Pressing the “Cast” button lets you explore the touchscreen information easier on your tablet,phone or computer controler …

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Ditto that! Nice that it shows both the original AND the upsampled figures. Glad you’re enjoying.


I’m inline with that thought too. I prefer the native sample rate of the file vs upsampled. If I was OK with upsampling cart blanche, I would be fine with my existing solution for AMHD playback (PC via USB → DDC via AES → DAC) but that still doesn’t help with the consolidation aspect as I still have a dedicated music server and another player for streaming those local files and from internet too. That’s where the appeal of the A6 comes to play.


Has anyone tried to cast the screen to a Android TV yet? I would like to see the VU meters on my TV.
Thinking of buying the EverSolo.

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@Michael_K Welcome to HFGF!

I have not seen any posts or reviews talking about the eversolo casting to Android TV, but if it does that would be pretty cool. The meters would make for an awesome visualizer.

Thank for your reply. That’s exactly what I mean.
I would think that if you can cast to a tablet or phone you could cast or mirror to a tv also.