Eversolo z8 Headphone amp pairing - advice

Any recommendations for a headphone amp to pair with eversolo z8? Bought one on the secondhand market for around 489$ to use with my Ananda v1s. I’m pretty content so far, but the integrated amplifier doesn’t really make them sing and I’m not sure if the unit will be enough on its own regarding harder-driven headphones. This is the reason for me being in need of advice in addition to being new to the hobby. Without any requirements, I realize the pointlessness of my question and will give a quick rundown of my situation.

Current signal chain:

Desktop —>usb —> DAC/headphone amp z8 —> ananda v1

Geographic location:

Sweden/The Nordics/EU = lack of Drop+THX AAA 789 amplifiers and Schiit audio needs to be imported (around 50$ shipping, 20% of value tax)


-Around 500$ or less, maybe more haven’t found a pre-owned Cayin iHA6.

-Able to drive most headphones, maybe looking to buy one Starry Night V2.

-Balanced would be a tiny bonus.

Any suggestions? =)

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If you are not apposed to Topping products, then the L70 or the more powerful A70 pro might be good options. I own the Starry Night V1, an Arya Stealth , and I pre-ordered the Moonlight. While I mostly use the L70 as a preamp, It does a decent job of powering the Starry Night and the Arya. I have not tried the A70 pro personally, but on paper it seems to be a substantial upgrade over the L70. Just a heads up regarding Starry Night, I found that it sounded its best when powered by a Schiit Audio Gjallarhorn speaker amp (at least to my ears). Another option depending on Price and availability would be the Rebel Amp. Z Reviews said it pairs well with the Starry Night V2.

Good luck with your decision, and welcome to the hobby!

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