Exchange rate for Canucks

For any canucks on here thinking about making international purchases, you better check the rate first. Before you hit that buy button from China or the US, check this out:

Never even thought about it with my latest purchase and just went to pay the bill. 1.35% is long gone. :open_mouth:

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Yeah, been waiting to for the dollar to get back up to where it was pre crash (the confusing thing is recessions usually put our dollar at parity with the USD) don’t think it’ll happen for a while :frowning:

prices will be going up locally as well, since everything in Canada is bought in USD and converted to sell in CAD. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah we’ve been getting pretty fucked I’ve been holding out of importing some crap lately

Lol The hilarious thing Is I want Canadian brand items (Bryston) and I still got to deal with that shit

I’ve been trying to get my hands on some monitors for my planned editing set up and all the stock I’m looking for has disappeared and ordering off B&H leads to a near 1000 dollar increase in costs
or Canada Computers decided to fuck us entirely by severely truncating its return window. This whole situation is fucked.

Memory Express?

Out of Stock last time I checked

Shit that sucks

Item in question

been told that the Asus PA32UCX is end of life, so if there is nobody with stock, it’s gone / done for good.

Which is fucking infuriating because it literally came out 6 months ago.
Plus with the Pandemic, The Pa32UCG is gonna get delayed
along with the Predator X32

pandemic probably is what killed it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve dealt with personal losses because of the pandemic. At this point I should have just expected something like this to go wrong LOL

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I’m glad you said LOL…cause personal losses almost sounds like the death of a loved on. o_0

Uhh yeah… That actually happened (grandfather last wednesday), among some consequences to my career due to basically all travel grinding to a halt.

To be totally honest, I’ve not been really right since last week, so I find inconveniences and disruptions funny cause its frustrating but completely unimportant. I’ve been trying to distract myself with doing stuff like pc building but the stuff I need, I can’t find, so yeah.

Sorry about that, didn’t mean to be such a downer.

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hey PAB, I am sorry for your loss. was it COVID-19 or age in general?

my wife and I are on a level close to quarantine (no visitors but for shipments / deliveries of supplies) to protect her parents from exposure. we have all deliveries come to our place, where we sterilize etc, before they move on to their house.

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Covid. It caused him to have a massive stroke. He was on Dialysis and had signed a DNR before this happened.

Does it have any alternatives? I’m sure it uses an LG panel.

They’re all still “Coming Soon” There’s ucg, the predator x32.
I’m now waiting on the predator