Exciting alternative to Legacy 3?

Looking for some recommendations for new iems. Got the L3s a few months ago and haven’t stopped listening since. Love how balanced and reasonably neutral they are. Switched back to my Tin P1s for a quick listen and forgot how exciting they can be! So, is it possible to get that “exciting” quality that the treble/details in the P1 possesses without compromising on the bass? Just looking to keep under $200. Been looking at Fiio FH3, Starfields, Bl-05s, Mangird, but not set on any of those at all.

Primarily use BTR5 at home and the UTWS1 while working/hiking. Thanks for any/all advice!

I would say out of all the iems you mentioned, the FH3 have the most exciting sounds to me. I haven’t tried the P1 or Mangirds though