Exclusive Announcement! Audeze CRBN Electrostatic Headphones

Hey guys!

In an interview with me, the founder of Audeze, Sankar announced the release of a new electrostatic headphone called the Carbon.

For those only interested in the product announcement it is from 43:35 onwards.

Check the episode out and let me know your thoughts! Would you get a pair? What are you expecting?


I saw CBRN and immediately thought it was some play on CERN…

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Hahahaha! I can see how it seems that way! What are your thoughts on the CBRN (Carbon) headphones?

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interesting. wonder what their availability will be like with all the resources shortages we’re having.

And now I’m considering high end e-stats… great lol

why? there have been many high end e Stat’s available for a long time…in fact, there are some who’s pricing is so much higher you’d need to mortgage your home to buy them!

I’m just a fan of Audeze. Not going to buy these anytime soon so it was more a joke. I’m very content with L500s lol.

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word has it that upgrading the energizer makes every e-Stat sing better too. :slight_smile:

But will they have satisfying bass ? My Stax do a lot of things well but copious bass is not one of them. Quick, Send a pair to DMS, Zeos and Josh V so we can get a nice rounded perpective.

True I’m just holding off to get a nice amp. Gotta have the Mrs’s approval on something like the headamp.

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jude’s review said it has a bit more bass than 009. Still not bassy by any means. He eq’s up the bass for both the CRBN and 009

EDIT: here is the video Audeze CRBN Review, Interview, Measurements - YouTube