Expensive versions of cheaper headphones

Discuss about what headphones you believe are for the most part a more expensive version of a cheaper headphone. (Basically a upgrade to the cheaper headphone.)

Example that I know of is Focal Elex to Focal Clear. Is one of the higher end Focals also a upgrade to the clears?

dt 880 -> DT 1990 analytical pads similar in signature much more refined more body potentially more detail
DT 990 -> T1.2 relaxed and refined
DT 770 ->1770 refined bassy and bright -> T5P more balanced V but still real bright and bassy =/= 177x GO heavily balanced small V
Fidelio X2HR -> Tygr300r better imaging not as muddy bass
AD700x -> AD2000x better across the board
K612 -> K702 refined, deeper pads, detachable cable

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Focal Elex to Clear is not a simple upgrade…IMO.

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i also like to end my sentence with 3 dots to add drama or sound not impressed…

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Some like the focal utopia over the clear. I’ve never heard the utopia.

I think one upgrade path might be he4xx to aeon open x. They’re both planars, the aeons being a huge upgrade in dynamics and resolution.

One does not simply… upgrade