Extending Bass with Bass Shakers

I’ve been happy with my headphone setup (focusrite SOLO → LiquidSpark → Sundara) But wanted more presence to booms and explosions. As such I’ve turned to adding bass shakers to my desktop chair.

Current Setup

I’m running an AuraSound AST 2b-4 under the seat (mono) with stereox2 Dayton Audio 16omh Pucks in the back of the chair.

The audio for these shakers is digitally processed (low pass filter) using voice meter and passed through the dac (pre-out) of a mayflower Objective 2 ODAC (the ODAC is used solely as a DAC) then split via aux splitter and passed to a Nobsound NS-03G SUB amp for the AuraSound AST 2b-4 and a Damgoo 100W TPA3116 amp for the four Dayton Audio 16omh Pucks


This setup “works” but I’m looking to add another AuraSound AST 2b-4 for stereo response under the seat of the chair, when I make this change I’d like to upgrade the DAC/AMP setup I have for the shakers to provide the best low frequency signal.


I’m looking for a DAC that has exceptional frequency response in the 1-100HZ region (IM AWARE WE CANT HEAR SUB 20HZ, WE CAN FEEL IT THO) I figure someone on this forum could point me in the right direction, as most DAC’s only mentioned their 20-20k response.

To go with this DAC I’m looking for an amp that can follow up with exceptional 1-100HZ response and provide AT LEAST 150W per channel with 200W+ being preferable. I’m capable of wiring the shakers to impedance match the amp but being stable at 2-8 ohms is preferred.

While I’m here go ahead and drop suggestions for Bass Shakers if anyone has experience, from my research the ones I’m using now are the upper end of average, so I may already be at the price-performance cutoff.


I’m looking for a DAC and AMP setup for Bass Shakers, the 1-100HZ frequency band is where this post is focused, and is the spot I want the best response.(IM AWARE WE CANT HEAR SUB 20HZ, WE CAN FEEL IT THO)

IF i would need Bass Shakers other than actual subs. I’m kinda interested in part of FR on these shakers in a desk setup. Like this AMP + shakers kit, it has the FR but what signal you should use?

LFE channel probably and that easy in HT environment.
How in desk world and that is interesting part.

That AMP is setup to take in a Full frequency signal (line out) and use the onboard Low pass filter so the AMP’s output is only the bass notes. In a Desktop setup this can be achieved by splitting the preamp output and sending that to this amp and your speakers amp. However the AMP’s onboard Low Pass Filter may be an insufficient DB/Octave by itself. In which case Harrison labs FMOD RCA Low pass filters can be added inline to the input to increase Low pass effect.

PC → DAC → Y splitter cable → Speaker/Shaker AMP → Speaker/Shaker

This is Similar to how I originally used my shakers before I realized I could use the ODAC I had lying around as a Shaker DAC, allowing me to DSP the Low pass filter on my PC while leaving my headphones output unaffected